Modernizing of facilities at the Coke plant will ensure safer production and a healthier environment 

10/10/2019 1:45:00 PM

A new centrifuge for extracting ammonium sulphate at the Coke plant has been installed by which safer operation of the plant is achieved. According to Environment Manager Emra Halilovic, on this way the first phase of another valuable project has been completed in GIKIL, which will, in addition to technological improvement and safety, give significant environmental results very quickly.

"The commissioning of the new centrifuge was done by a reputable company from Germany, who trained our staff as well. This has ended a significant part of the work on this facility, as well as the reparation of the ammonia sulphate warehouse, and the reconstruction of the saturators and related equipment has already begun, so that in the coming months we will be able to say that we have completed one of the bigger projects in GIKIL on which we have worked hard in the past period, "said Halilovic.

In addition to the modernization of the ammonium sulphate facility, the plan is also to optimize the complete biological wastewater treatment facility from the Coke plant, which is also one of the obligations under the water permit issued to GIKIL in February.

"The evaluation of bids and selection of contractors is ongoing for this very valuable project whose completion will allow all output parameters to fully meet the statutory standards and limit values ​​of the biochemical composition of wastewater," she explained, adding that an official visit of the Committee for evaluation of the application for an environmental permit,  formed by the Federal Ministry of the Environment and Tourism, is expected in the near future, who will also be able to ascertain all the activities and work undertaken in the field, and the positive developments GIKIL has made in the last year.

We are reminding that out of a total of 47 projects for safe and environmentally friendly operation of GIKIL, started by the Management Board in August last year, 43 have been completed, and the remaining four projects are in progress.