Modern coke gas exhauster control system installed in Coke plant   Improved safety level, reduced possibilities of outages (breakdowns)

4/29/2019 2:15:00 PM

The replacement of the coke gas exhauster control system in the Coke plant in Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac (GIKIL) is successfully completed. It is about migration process from one system to another, so the existing system, which worked on the old version SIEMENS PCS7 v7 was successfully transferred to a more advanced control system which operates now with the new version SIEMENS PCS7 v9.

-The job of replacement of control by automated systems was done by one of the most competent and the most professional companies in the area of electronic equipment in the region. Our engineers, who showed their enviable knowledge and abilities, worked with them on the project also. The whole process was done manually, and what is most important, the operation of battery and other facilities in the plant were not put in the question at all in any moment, thanks to the teamwork and expertise of our workers in the Condensation unit and on coke battery. This is the most modern management system in the world which is better than previous one in every sense, and according to the presented parameters up to 15 times better than the old one, said Hanka Ikanović, Head of WU Condensation.


The benefits of the new investment system are multiple.


- First of all, the safety level of the coke gas exhauster is improved. Also, the benefits which will soon become noticeable, after the job is done, are better traction of the coke gas, reduced possibilities of the outages (breakdowns), better temperature and gas pressure monitoring as well as better and more secure blockades with the ability to display even the slightest errors in the work of the exhausters, said Huso Jašarević, director of Coke plant.


Realization of this project is another confirmation of technological-production improvements on which GIKIL has been working actively in recent months. In the coming days, the de-dusting filter on the coke separation facility will be also put into the operation and by which an additional step towards environment protection in general will be achieved.