AN INTERVIEW WITH IRINA DUGONJIC DIRECTOR OF HR AND ADMINISTRATION  "We are the Company which provides an excellent opportunity to employees to acquire new knowledge and skills through the work, and where is appreciated adopted knowledge."

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How would you describe your organizational culture in the shortest way?

-Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac is an economic giant and one of the largest exporters in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is best illustrated by the fact that in the total gross domestic product contributes to approximately one percent, and approximately 2.5 percent of  annual export earnings of the country. As a company with a rich manufacturing tradition and experience in labor and employment daily makes great efforts in relations to the workers, currently about 1000, as well as towards domestic and foreign clients and associates. Organizational practice in our company is reflected in the culture of a positive attitude towards the employee, providing all forms of support to our employees, encouraging them to make progress, but also to give their maximum, which is very appreciated here. Positive relations between worker&company are serving us for our mutual satisfaction and well-being. To make it clear how we are trying to achieve such a goal in GIKIL, I will set aside a few areas in which we are esspecially focused:

a) Creativity at work - employees are regularly encouraged to express their creative abilities and get more involved in current events through existing Suggestion schemes and Rewarding schemes

b) Employee motivation - promoting high performance and career development through improved high performance, faster correction of negativity, and increment of benefits and  humanity measures

c) Improving the performance of employees through continuous education and training, skills and knowledge assessment, through the organization of the company and in cooperation with the others.

What is the most important in your company that the employees posses? What skill or trait?

-The most important thing is that the employee has the desire to work and learn. We are the Company which provides an excellent opportunity to employees to acquire new knowledge and skills through the work, and where is appreciated adopted knowledge. One example are the programs of performing volunteer / internship service, that our Company provides to graduate students, as well as a program of employment of these workers after a period of such service.

On the other hand, it is important to us that our employees are proactive and also responsible for the successful execution of tasks and duties that are required from them.

Share some advice to unemployed people who see you as the Most Wanted Employer and want to work in your company one day.

-The best advice that we can give is to be persistent, to seek to gain experience in the work, either by volunteering or employment, to be active in the social life of their community, to constantly educate and acquire new knowledge in their field. These are some of the features that Global Ispat Koksna Industrija appreciates when selecting candidates.

Improve yourself, sharpen your knowledge and skills, because they are the foundation on which you need to build your career and future.

Which benefits do you offer to employees in your Company?

-Surely we can say that we are one of the few companies who educate their employees in the workplace. Within our premises we have fully equipped training center where experienced internal trainers convey technical and other practical knowledge to other employees. Also we educate our internal trainers and increase their number to have knowledge passed on further.

There are organized continuous improvements by providing education and training of a wide range, from foreign language courses, computer courses, multi-skillings, attending seminars, up to the trainings of Japanese methodology of Totally Productive Maintenance (TPM), as well as the world-renowned Six-sigma education, by which we achieve preconditions for rapid career advancement.

In addition to these benefits, which make us proud, employees in GIKIL are offered all benefits at work in accordance with legal procedures and internal regulations. The Company organizes the transport of our employees, regularly pays the fees, prepares meals for employees, complies with all other legally regulated provisions regarding the right to use annual leave, paid and unpaid leave, sick leave, maternity absences. Such rights are not called into question.

What question candidates can certainly expect during an interview for a job in your company?

-Since under the roof of our Company there are five factories and we posses a wide range of modes and operations, we believe that it is a matter of basic culture when reporting on workplace to collect information about the Company and working position that is being considered. Also we try through our questions to find out as much as possible about the candidate, how active he is in job searching, how much contributes to the community in which he lives. Knowledge of a foreign language, as well as their own dedication and efforts for acquisition of skills, it is what we very appreciate.

How long does the recruitment process take in your company?

-The process takes from 7-14 days depending on the complexity of work and the workplace to which the candidate applies. Candidates who meet the required conditions by the contest go through three stages, the practical work (tests from respectible area, computer skills, language knowledge test), the interview with the personnel committee, and finally the interview with the Management of the Company.

Do you receive applications from jobseekers without contest procedures?

-At any time jobseekers can send their applications to our address or bring them in person to the premises of our company. All received applications are duly recorded in the applications base and used during contest procedures, as well as when searching for new employees.

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