Filter Station 

Filter Station

Water Filter station Modrac was built in 1969‘s based on license from Ansaldo-Italy. 

Major objective of the plant is production of:

- Decarbonized water for technological demand of the plant (by usages of lime stone milk like softener and Aluminum sulphate like flocculent)

- Potable water required for the Municipality (water from the wells)

Decarbonization unit has a three line with capacity  of 350 m³/h of water each. Process consist of the following activities:

- Adding of limestone milk in to the raw water with aim to eliminate carbonates. This process reduce water hardness (preventing incrustation in to pipelines)

- Adding of Aluminium Sulphate with aim to bound flocules to speed up sedimentation of the sludge

- Decantation of the sludge

- Water Filtration (sand filters).

System for Potable water production has a capacity of 2000-2500 m³/day. System for Potable water production contains 17 wells, a water disinfection unit (NaHOCl) and a water pumping station.