Since its start up, GIKIL has been  paying attention to the environment. Since 2004, GIKIL has implemented several projects to reduce air and water pollution. Through those projects, GIKIL created preconditions to obtain „Environmental permit“ granted by the Government in 2012.

GIKIL is obliged to align its emissions with new Bosnia & Herzegovina regulations which are almost  aligned with EU norms.

Furthermore, GIKIL  is on the way to complete first CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) project in Bosnia and Herzegovina in with the aim to reduce emissions of N20 gases from its Nitric Acid Plant. Through this project, GIKIL will reduce emissions of N20 gases below EU norms, and also create additional fund to finance additional project, reduction of NOx gases from the same plant. By completion of those projects, GIKIL‘s Nitric acid plant will be first environmental friendly plant in the region.

With the new ISO 14001:2004 certificate, concerns for environment and the conservation of natural resources present an important factor for further development of both the Power Plant and entire GIKIL.


In its Environmental policy GIKIL is committed to:

- Define and implement environmental goals and processes and prove that they are in accordance with  legal and environmental regulations

- Prevent and reduce emissions’ level, continuously comply with BAT (Best Available Techniques)

- Preserve natural resources and document, implement and maintain environmental policy

- Reduce waste generation and collect it selectively

- Develop environment-friendly waste disposal

- Expand awareness among employees, customers and suppliers about the environmental aspects of GIKIL

- Communicate the policy to all interested parties

All GIKIL employees by their expertise and responsibility support our environmental projects that will enhance Company’s future success and development.