Anhydride Maleic Acid  AMA

Anhydride Maleic Acid (AMA)

Annual capacity of the plant is 10,000 tons of maleic acid of supreme quality that can be compared with the best in the world and it constantly meets the requirements of our customers in a variety of industries.

Liquid MA is dispatched by thermally insulated cisterns. 

Solid MA (pastille) is packed in 25 kg bags, placed on wooden 50-bag palettes and dispatched by trucks or railway. 

GIKIL’s Anhydride maleic acid (AMA)
Crystallization point52.4 min
Colour20 APHA max.
Maleic anhydride content (COCH2O)99.7% min.
Ash content2 ppm max.
Iron content as Fe1 ppm max