About Us 


GIKIL is the company known for its high-quality products and services as well as long-standing customer relationships. The company has more than 1 000 employees and the whole complex with its five plants covers an area of over 1km².

GIKIL is the leading metallurgical coke producer in the Region. Universal and Premium are the two widely famous GIKIL's brands of metallurgical coke and our coke offer is also including Nut coke and Coke breeze. GIKIL is a reputable supplier of crude tar, ammonium sulphate, crude benzene, anhydride maleic acid and mineral fertilizers. Overhaul and repair unit of GIKIL manufactures, assembles and maintains process equipment and facilities in the coke and chemical productions industry.

GIKIL is headquartered in a small place of Lukavac, in the vicinity of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company has excellent road connections due to its location along the highway Doboj-Tuzla. GIKIL also has all necessary railway infrastructure within its micro-location. The Tuzla - Doboj railway line leading westwards and further on towards Sarajevo connects GIKIL with the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and further on with the Port of Ploče on the Adriatic coast. The Tuzla - Doboj railway line connects GIKIL also with Bosanski Brod and Slavonski Brod and Vinkovci and further on with Belgrade and Zagreb.
Connections between GIKIL and Serbia are maintained via the Tuzla - Zvornik railway line leading towards the East, while connections with Croatia are maintained via Orašje, Šamac, Brčko, Bosanski Brod which further on connect GIKIL with Zagreb and Belgrade railway networks. GIKIL has also a possibility of transporting products across by rivers via port of Vukovar on Dunav River and the port of Brčko on the Sava River.

The record time commissioning of the operations, more specifically its Coke Oven Battery saw the formal inauguration on July 8th 2004. The ceremony was attended by the highest state representatives and strategic partners.