Support to Lukavac's sportists: Colors of GIKIL at the most prestigious national and international competitions 

17/05/2019 13:57:00

With the aim of promoting its high-quality products and expanding business to new markets, as well as the appliance of good corporate social responsibility practice, representatives of Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac (GIKIL) signed the agreement on cooperation with the Club of martial arts ORKKA.

Deputy Managing director of GIKIL Suad Imamović said that such forms of cooperation are additional indicators of positive changes in the company, which besides expanding its operations, also wants to be the holder of the biggest recognitions not only in business world, but also in the field of corporate social responsibility.

- GIKIL has always supported good stories, especially sport persons, to the extent that it was possible at a given moment, so this cooperation means for us to open new spaces for the promotion of positive values ​​of society, and also the promotion of GIKIL, our products and economic development, and the creation of a new market in accordance with the best world practices, Imamović said.

Recalling the numerous achievements that the Club has recorded in previous years, the prominent sport person and coach, and president of ORKKA, Željko Zombra, said that cooperation with one of the biggest companies in Lukavac and Bosnia and Herzegovina is another win of joint commitment for development and success.


- ORKKA is currently among the top four teams in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and our members are winning medals at the most prestigious world and European championships. In the world of business results GIKIL has a similar path and goal, so our victories in the future will represent the victory of GIKIL as well, Zombra pointed out.

The establishment of a new cooperation and support to the youthful Lukavac’s sportists was also greeted by the Managing director of GIKIL Paramesh Bhattacharyyja, known also as sport activist and former prominent footballer.

- We hope GIKIL will, in this way as well, make progress and expand cooperation and market, and that the young karates of ORKKA will be even greater in the sport, and that a lot of future medals will be celebrated together, said Bhattacharyyja.