Students from Lukavac on practical education in GIKIL: These are their experiences 

06/04/2019 18:08:00

That practical trainings are one of the most important elements of an effective education system can be confirmed by the students of the Electro-Technical High School from Lukavac who have been visiting the plants of Global Ispat Koksna Industrija Lukavac (GIKIL) last days. This was an opportunity for the future technicians of computer science and energy to familiarize with the work of plants and facilities, automation of the processes, protection at work as well as the maintenance of the entire system.

According to Professor Asif Dedić, the way GIKIL opens its doors to the “PU Mixed Electro-Mechanical High School Lukavac” has an immeasurable importance for the entire community, and most of all for students who in this way had the opportunity to get familiar with the devices and the technique that has not been practically known to them so far.


-This is a form of continuous good cooperation between educational institutions and business entities. Many of my students have a lot of acquaintances who are employed right here in GIKIL and certainly many of them see their future workplace in such industry. I am glad that children have become familiar with the way the plants work, because it is much easier to assume what is ahead of you when you have an insight into certain processes on the spot. The visits were very successful, and I believe my students have learned new moments and thus expanded their perspectives, said Professor Dedić.


Workers and engineers of the Maleic Anhydride Acid plant (AMA) as well as of the Power plant, whose facilities the students visited, have selflessly transferred experiences to younger future colleagues, which the students have also confirmed.


-We have followed on-site processes, seen the conditions and modes of operation in the plants, asked everything that was not clear to us, and the employees of GIKIL have done everything in their power to explain to us in the best possible way everything that we are going to meet directly in the future. We have been informed on the status and operation of certain servers, and we have also obtained quality information when it comes to their maintenance. We have been told how to avoid potential short outages; we have seen how devices are maintained at measurement stations. We have also seen alongside a new built-in de-dusting filter in Coke plant and much more, and I can say that the visit has fulfilled my interest; these are words of the student Maid Mujić.


By providing continuous support to education and to acquiring practical knowledge, GIKIL as a socially responsible company will continue this practice in the following days as well, expanding cooperation with other educational institutions in the Tuzla Canton area, and the expansion of cooperation with faculties within the University of Tuzla is also planned.