Paramesh Bhattacharyya, new Managing Director of GIKIL: Our goal is a clean and safe environment 

12/04/2019 15:36:00

After obtaining all necessary work permits, the newly appointed Managing Director of Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac (GIKIL), Paramesh Bhattacharyya has officially assumed his position.

The new management of GIKIL with Mr. Bhattacharyya as its leader, was given strong instructions and support by the Supervisory Board of the organization to overcome the problems that the company faces in the shortest possible time, so that GIKIL will serve as a model not only for business excellence, but also as a leader in the implementation of all environmental protection and employee relations.

“Our best answer will be the measure of our work. We are prepared to meet the challenges; we have done plenty in terms of safety at work, the protection of water and the environment, and solved the most critical issues in a short time. A proof of this is the fact that we have succeeded in obtaining the requisite water permit after hard work and the contribution of our employees and for which effort, I salute each and every one of them. A number of projects are still in the phase of realization, but what's most important is that they meet our stated goal. The Environment Permit is our first priority as well as concerted efforts towards sustainable improvement in environment and safety”, these are the first words of the new Managing Director of GIKIL.


Paramesh Bhattacharyya is a mechanical engineer with more than 30 years of experience in energy, coke and ferrochrome plants worldwide, including a rich experience in the implementation of environmental protection projects. Speaking of his new role with the company, Bhattacharyya emphasised two key goals. The first is the full execution of the federal inspection orders and compliance with legal norms. The second is maintaining the organization’s relationship with the local community. The conditions for fulfilling these goals are a stable and profitable company which can only thus secure the future of its employees and the surrounding community.


„It is very important for us to have a good relationship with the local community, with the good people of Lukavac, and beyond. What I can promise is a maximum engagement in solving environmental issues and attaining an acceptable improved standard. We also think about work conditions and the strengthening of internal discipline, which has been particularly in focus over the past month. New seedlings have been planted, as a symbol of our orientation, and in the following period we want to do more in that respect. There are many challenges ahead, but I am up for them together with my team of dedicated professionals.” Work is the best solution to every possible problem, Bhattacharyya points out, stating that we are looking outward together in the same direction – towards a safe place of work and an acceptable environment.

Paramesh Bhattacharyya, the new Managing Director of GIKIL, is appointed in post for the next four years.