A new water permit was issued to GIKIL: Upcoming obligations clearly defined by the Decision 

25/02/2019 12:19:00

After a detailed review of the submitted documentation, the conducted inspection and the submitted dynamic plan, the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina of this type, the Sava River Water Agency issued a Water Permit to Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac (GIKIL).

This decision came after fulfilling all the necessary basic conditions for obtaining a new water permit and represents the first significant public confirmation that GIKIL has made significant efforts over the past five months to improve water, soil and air protection, and to protect the environment in general.

"How seriously we understood our deficiencies and the desire to change is proven by the fact that GIKIL has made and submitted the first dynamic plan in B&H which represents a list of activities and measures with a financial investment estimate for each subsequent year and a reduction of emissions with the anticipated completion of the activity. This is not a temporary solution, but a long-term plan for the remediation of the current state of water protection, whose activities will be continued immediately. The progress we have achieved on the ground is the merit of each of us in GIKIL and we are pleased that the Agency's representatives have also realized these concrete moves," said Zuhdija Aganović, Executive Director and Member of the Management Board in GIKIL.

Water permit was also one of the basic preconditions for the process of issuing a new environmental permit.


"We have made a big step, but our work does not end here, but continues with even bigger steps, not just with the goal to obtain a new environmental permit, but until GIKIL bring all its production-technological processes into the necessary legal framework. We want to believe that the most critical period is staying behind us and that we will be able very soon to talk about returning production in our Fertilizer and AMK plants as well as new investments and building a long-term trust with all our stakeholders, including the local community which is the most important to us," Aganovic emphasized.

Among the most important completed projects which have significantly influenced on the reduction of water pollution, as noted by the new water permit, are work of Amon sulfate in order to process all the ammonia water produced in the process of coke production, then purchase and installing of a new centrifuge, installations of new reservoirs and tanks, both in the amon-sulfate plant and in the tar pump facility, as well as benzene drainage system with its return in the process.

Significant progress has been also made with the project of bringing wastewater from the HPV plant to the permitted limits, while the construction of the tar-fus facility, the general overhaul of coke gas ammonia scrubbers, overhaul of the pre-coolers and coke gas electro filters, as well as the procurement of industrial vacuum cleaners, are the projects which also showed a significant result in the improving the overall ecological image of GIKIL.  


Among the most important obligations defined by a new water permit, which are necessary to be realized within one to six months are the optimization of the existing chemical and biological wastewater treatment plant from Coke plant, and the completion of oil and grease separator with construction of accompanying hydro technical facilities. The permit  specifically defined  the activities for making the elaborates, as well as the collection and making of investment-technical documentation for waste collection systems, precipitation of uncleaned and sanitary wastewaters until the complete realization of works which will be performed phase by phase, in the next five years, due to volume of works. Parallel activities which will be carried out are closing down and removing abandoned facilities and remediation in the field, regular monitoring and analysis of wastewater at all discharges, and other projects with the goal to achieve the quality in accordance with the prescribed limit values.