Free checks and eyesight controls for all GIKIL's employees  We would like to raise health care of our employees to a higher level

11/02/2019 13:55:00

For the purpose of checking and monitoring of the health status of the workers, in the company GIKIL within the industrial complex, a five-day action of free checks and eyesight control for all our employees has been organized.

The action was organized in cooperation with our company's friends, the company "Moja Optika", that have developed a special kind of cooperation with large business systems in the country.

- We are glad that the company GIKIL endeavours to increase the level of care of its employees in every possible way and that it recognized the benefits that employees achieve by this type of free checks. Considering the large number of workers, eye control was performed by two mobile teams during five days, in order to be efficient in every way. In this way, we have checked and controlled a large number of workers and it is certain that we will continue to cooperate in the future, said Vatroslav Bogdanović, a representative of the company "Moja Optika".

In the previous period, this company performed the same type of checks also in other large companies in BiH, such as Arcellor Mittal Zenica, RMU Banovići, Sisecam Soda, Pivara Tuzla, BH Telekom, Violeta Tomislavgrad, Elektroprivreda BiH, FDS Sarajevo, Prevent doo, whose value of cooperation, to the satisfaction of our employees, was also recognized by GIKIL.

- I am satisfied with the check and I think this is the best way of constant work on improvement of health status of our employees. The eyesight is very important and is good to control it regulary, one of our employees said.

- After a detailed check, I realized that eyesight has weakened. Due to our everyday obligations, we often forget how important each segment of health is, therefore the health of our eyes. This was a great opportunity for it, because we seldom have a chance to do something for us and our health near the work post, added one of the workers.

Free eyesight check action is just one of the ways by which the entire system of health care and safety at work, that our company is practising, wants to raise to a higher level. Since GIKIL is among the leaders in production in the country, we want to leave the same picture in terms of improving the core business priorities of the work our company, which are stable production, safe and environmentally acceptable work of the company and maximum safety and health at work.