Works at the final stage: Three new filters on GIKIL's waste water channel 

21/01/2019 14:06:00

Waste water going from Coke plant to the river Spreča will be filtered into three locations within the the circle of Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac (GIKIL) in the future. Two of three filters, whose task is environmentally acceptable waste water treatment have already been put into operation, while the final construction works are being carried out at the third location.


At the outlet from the Condensing unit, a separator has been installed, whose task is to accept potentially discharged tar fractions and the same filter is installed at the storage facility of this product. Both of these filters have been in operation before and the results are already visible.


"At the main outflow of GIKIL's waste water, works on the oil and grease separators are in the final phase. The task of the separator is to separate i.e. to remove oil and grease that may eventually end up in the outflow to the level corresponding to the water flows of the II category – the watershed area of  Sava River. Inadequate weather conditions slow down construction works on this part, but they are still progressing and the plan is to finish as soon as possible", explains engineer Amir Beganović.


After that, water goes to the third, final filter. Column filter will receive and additionally refine waste water in this section, that was put in operation during last week, after testing.


"The column filter is equipped with a pump, a sludge removal system, a filter filler and managing system. The purpose is to filter the waste water  by removing the pollutants by the mechanical process and before poured into Spreča river. The water that passes through the filtration material, particles of impurities are removed, sludge deposits and all other suspended substances. After completion of all planned works, complete control will be carried out of what  can reach Spreča by channels. These are not the only projects, there is still a lot to do in order to protect water, soil and air, but they were one of the most important ones, on which we achieved a lot of for a very short time", said Director of Coke plant Huso Jašarević.


Another significant project was completed and put in operation a few days ago in GIKIL. This is about the project for the disposal of a tar sludge that is done in the same way as similar solutions in industrial plants in the surrounding. The purpose of this facility is double.


"Tar sludge is a mixture of coal, coke and tar particles that are formed in tar decanters in the process of separation of ammonia water and tar. The project we have done involves recycling of material, by which the tar sludge is returned to the process again. By controlling the dosage through the screw conveyor supplier, the tar sludge from the silos is mixed with the coal blend and goes into the process of coking" says Jašarević, adding that in addition to increasing the yield of the product, in this way, and what is the most important, it reduces the impact on the pollution of water, air and soil, because there is no waste generation anymore.