New Year's party for GIKIL children: These 300 smiles are the most powerful message 

04/01/2019 09:13:00

The message of love and friendship was spreading through the full hall of Lukavac Cultural Center during the New Year's party, which GIKIL organized for its children this year too. The child's joy gave smiles also to those older people who enjoyed the fun, games and songs in the organization of friends of the company, actors of the National Theater Tuzla. To the youngest, about 300 New Year's packages, was given. 


- The New year party organized by GIKIL, i.e. the Management Board, the Union and Workers together, has become a tradition. Although this is a turbulent period through which we are passing, we did not want to miss this socializing event, which really makes us happy all  this year too. Children are our present, our future, but also a reminder that we have the greatest responsibility towards them. All of us who are here today are aware of this and let these 300 children's smiles be an additional motive for us to be able to work and, even better and more, told to the present Director of the Human Resources in GIKIL, Irina Dugonjić.


With the wish that the forthcoming year will be a year of progress, big business results, and family welfare, to all employees, friends, business partners, Lukavac and Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens, Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac wishes a happy New Year 2019.


Powerful changes, investments in environmental protection, safe workplaces and stable business operations, with the willingness to work socially responsible and preserving true values, is the direction for the future of GIKIL.


"We are determined to continue on this road with the belief that the New Year will signify a new turning point in the development and advancement of Lukavac economy giant," is the message from the festive event.