New valuable investment: In GIKIL was installed the newest equipment for the control of coal, coke and gas content 

20/12/2018 16:58:00

In the central laboratory of GIKIL, the most modern devices for determining the content of sulfur in coal and coke, the chromatograph device for gas content testing, and the disc mill for the preparation of chemical analyzes have been put into operation. These are products from renowned manufacturers of LEKO from America, and AGILENT and RETSH from Germany.


All these measurements, in addition to the complete input and output quality control of raw materials or products, will contribute to the additional improvement of the ecological image in GIKIL, as the analyzes will allow faster delivery of the percentage of different components to the permitted limits.


Besides that, this has made a significant step forward with the aim to improve the working conditions, since the workers will be doing jobs in a much healthier environment from now on.


"Instruments purchased from sales representatives from Croatia and Serbia are first-class devices and here after a long time in GIKIL, conditions have been met for the procurement of these extremely valuable devices. Our customers are looking for the best product, the requirements of the market are becoming more stringent, all of these analyzes have to be done according to ISO standards, so the benefit is multiple. The devices that arrived as well as those for which we are waiting for delivery will help us get accurate and quick results, above all a percentage of sulfur. We are also in the process of procuring equipment for analyzing ash, volatile substances and moisture, fixed carbon, and by simultaneously measuring as many as 19 samples,"said Edib Džibrić, Head of the Control and Quality Sector.


Associates from neighboring countries were also happy to talk about the importance of this investment.
"The instrument we delivered to GIKIL serves for the analysis of coal and coke, and perhaps the most important aspect is ecological contribution, because accurate measurements will also indicate the exact emissions. Our company is a representative of laboratory, ecological and computer equipment of a renowned American company and this is a completely modern device and the first one installed in this region, so we are happy that it is in GIKIL," said Neven Kolinger, Head of Sales of company LabEKO from Zagreb.


"Of course, through such investments and readiness to improve conditions in quality control, GIKIL will increase laboratory value, inventiveness and flexibility, shorten the time of sample preparation, increase homogeneity and reproducibility of samples, and the final effect will surely be competitiveness at every level. We were pleased to cooperate with this team and all of this will help GIKIL to become a leader in the part of the ecological control of its raw materials and products," said Silvia Babarci, Product Manager of company Analysis from Belgrade.


 All the results obtained at the GIKIL Central Laboratory will be directed directly to Coke Plant with the aim of continuous control and improvement of work results.


"After a large number of completed projects as well as those in progress, this investment is of great importance for testing our raw materials and products. Most importantly, this equipment gives realistic and accurate results, and with that aim we are modernizing, with the important fact that we will also improve the ecological conditions, as we will have the necessary control. With the device for determining the coke reactivity and other devices procured earlier, the total value of this investment in GIKIL is about 300,000.00 BAM,“ said Huso Jašarević, Director of Coke Plant.