Alignment of work with environmental requirements is a priority, we are looking for a solution to continue the production 

19/12/2018 17:30:00

Information on the results of investment in projects related to the environmental and safety improvement of work of the plants at Global Ispat Koksna Industrija Lukavac (GIKIL) was the main cause of the meeting held in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of FBiH. The meeting was held as a result of the continued dialogue between GIKIL's Management board and representatives of Federal institutions, with the aim of finding the optimal solution for continuing the company's operations.

By this occasion, the current status of the execution of the solution according to the inspection orders was presented in detail to the representatives of the ministries and the inspectors.

"GIKIL's Management board tries fully to respect the measures imposed by the competent authorities, taking into account all the technological - safety and environmental needs of the facilities. We have informed that the Fertilizer plant stopped working 10 days ago, and by the end of December AMK plant will stop working, i.e. after we spend the last stocks of raw materials. Also, production at Coke plant is currently being reduced to the technological minimum for the safe battery operation" said Suad Imamović, Deputy Managing Director, adding that the Management board remains committed to actively and hectic work on removing all safety-environmental disadvantages at GIKIL.

We remind that a significant number of projects related to the environmental and safety work of the company have already been successfully completed in GIKIL. Installation of completely new tanks have been completed in the previous months in the Coke plant, a parallel work of two lines of amon-sulphate has been commissioned, works on ammonia scrubbers have been completed, two new tar separators have been installed, the oil and grease separator has been delivered in the company and the purchase of centrifuge for ammonium sulphate is ongoing as well as a filter for dedusting. The aim of all these projects is to contribute to the long-term improvement of the overall environmental image in the local community, primarily the improvement of the quality of air, water and soil.