GIKIL builds-in a modern filter for de-dusting of Coke plant 

10/12/2018 14:24:00

In order to continue the successful business and the environmental protection as well, the management of Global Ispat Koksna Industrija Lukavac (GIKIL) engaged the renowned company TSP Tehnofilter from Grude, a company specialized for the production of space de-dusting and filtering systems.

Business co-operation has been established on the mutual pleasure of both of the companies and the citizens of Lukavac as well, regarding the fact that by this project, as they claim from TSP Tehnofilter, emissions of harmful pollutions will be additionally reduced.

- In fact, we are the only ones in B&H who can solve such industrial giants, metal companies, cement companies, quarries and others. The filter which we are building for Lukavac in one facility in GIKIL will completely remedy the pollution. GIKIL has been introduced to our work, they know that we delivered and installed 11 filters which solve pollutions in one company in Zenica, and that’s why they decided to continue working with us - they tell us in the Special Products Factory Grude.

The first investment in GIKIL is de-dusting system of Coke plant after which the remediation of other facilities in the company will follow, in compliance with modern standards.

-We are working based on our own technology, developed and patented with German partners, and this is currently the highlight in our industry. We are working according to European standards, and the point of work with GIKIL is that they showed exceptional professionalism.  They sought quality solutions, and their requirement was to meet all standards and to go with the removal of pollution in their company. The size of their readiness to solve the problem is shown by the fact that this project takes for up to 4 months, and they have invested even more in order to complete it in a month and a half - they emphasize in a company from Grude.

From this company they are emphasizing that they are happy to see that things are moving in the positive direction, which will be recognized by local community for sure.

- It is a good initiative that the problem of pollution in a local community, in the concrete case in Lukavac, will be resolved. However, GIKIL is a large employing company and it would be damage that such company suffers because of these things - they say in TSP Tehnofilter Grude.

Speaking about the filter which will be installed in GIKIL, from this company they say that filter will be practically high as 25-meter-tall building of that company.

-It's a serious accomplishment by which they will be able to clean and maintain the facility, and after that further investments will happen in order to solve the complete problem - they pointed out.