GIKIL: Eco-friendly wastewater treatment projects in the final phase 

19/11/2018 14:12:00

Accelerated work activities at Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac (GIKIL) were continued throughout the weekend also. The management and workers agree: the plants must work in a way that the production goes undisturbed and to continue in parallel with the realization of projects for the safe and environmentally friendly operation of the company.

Proper and environmentally friendly treatment of ammonia and other waters which come out from the process is set as a priority task. The oil and grease separator with a coalescent filter arrived in the area of the company. The separator will be installed on the main GIKIL wastewater canal.

"The task of this separator is to separate the oil and grease that may eventually end up in the outflow channel to the level corresponding to the watercourses of the 2nd category - the basin area of ​​the Sava River (oil content up to 5 mg / l of the outflow). The separator is equipped with an alarm indicator of the level of oil collected, whose task is to point out the need for pulling and disposing of the same and the flow meter. Construction works are under preparation and in a very short delay due to the design of the project documentation. Construction works will be run by Tom-Cat Tuzla, "explains engineer Amir Beganovic.

In addition to oil and grease separators, at the outflow of WU Condensation and tar facility, two smaller separators have already been installed, with the task to accept potentially discharged tar fractions. Additional activities have been undertaken at the site of the last sampling of ammonia water by the TK Prosecutor's Investigation Team, where bridging-over of water flows from and to the reservoir are made.

A bit further away from this place, other work results are visible. It is about a completed project for the return of benzene fractions from the benzene storage to the recycling tank, which occurs when separating benzene and water from the storage.

"This is another project that has been made in the past few days and which is very important because it happened earlier that these factions sometimes came into contact with the channel, which was harmful, and created an unpleasant smell. Now there is no any of that," said director of Coke plant Huso Jašarević.

Out of a total of 47 projects for safe and environmentally friendly work in GIKIL, it has already been completed 14. In addition to the installation of new tanks, the parallel work of two ammonium- sulfate lines, a project for drainage of benzene tanks, block filters, air emission monitoring and waste water, and the N2O system, the works were also carried out at other priority points.

"Coke gas electro-filters projects have been completed, repairs have been completed on ammonia scrubbers, overhaul and replacement of the battery sprinkling pump have been completed, and other work has now been resumed," said Executive Director Suad Imamovic, adding that there is still a lot of work in GIKIL but also an unreserved readiness to do extra work and invest if GIKIL gets a well-deserved chance.