GIKIL's workers in the action for clean environment: These are their messages 

12/11/2018 12:34:00

In Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac (GIKIL) a large action of cleaning and arranging of the company's area was organized last weekend. The action was initiated by the joint efforts of the workers and the Management as an integral part of GIKIL's strategy towards environment, and by which GIKIL wanted to show that besides projects for safe and environmentally acceptable work, every worker of the company wants to send a clear message, and it is to work to preserve every work post and the environment.

-The goal of our action which started on Saturday, and it is continued today as well, is that GIKIL, with all its workers, shows that we are serious in the intention to protect the environment and that we want GIKIL to continue working, not to stop the production. There are many activities in GIKIL, 14 of the 47 projects that bring significant results in this field is completed, every worker directly or indirectly participates in their realization, and we wanted to further demonstrate that we have to and we will treat our company as our own home, if we want to be good neighbors and have good relationships with everyone, from the local community to the relevant ministries and institutions, said Executive Director Zuhdija Aganović.

During the three-day action, GIKIL workers have been participating in the wall painting, painting, grass cutting, repairing the entrances and roads inside the company, as well as space around the plants and facilities.

- This was the opportunity for us to show unity, determination and readiness for every kind of work which will bring benefit to GIKIL. I have to say I'm proud to belong to a collective that has always enjoyed good energy. Sometimes we must forget the titles, who are the managers, who is Union, the worker in the plant or somewhere else. There is no difference between us when work needs to be done. GIKIL has a tradition longer than many others in this country, and this has always been the company that created, developed and contributed, and not to stop and close. We all live in this area and agree that the environment is important and must be protected and invested. Sometimes this could not have been a priority, but in GIKIL now it is, and we hope that everyone else will see it, said a long-time worker of GIKIL, Zijo Kasumović.