Assistant Minister of Economy in the Government TK visited GIKIL 

05/11/2018 07:21:00

Presentation of the results of work under the Plan for safe and environmentally acceptable work of GIKIL and reporting on the status of activities to meet the conditions for obtaining a new environmental permit were a main reason for visit the Assistant Minister of Economy of the Government of Tuzla Canton, Rijad Bašić to our company.

As pointed out by Managing Director Debasish Ganguly and Executive Director for Shared Services in GIKIL Suad Imamovic, among total of 47 defined projects which need to bring quick and visible results on environmental protection, 11 projects are already completed.

-There is a lot of it already done, works are being carried out in parallel in all plants and we believe that this is a good way which will be recognized by everyone who makes decisions and of which depends the future of all of us. The plan is to finish by the end of the year about two-thirds of the total planned projects, while for those more demanding it will take another few months - they said.

Expressing gratitude for the significant support that comes from the Government of TC with the belief that work and investments are present and the future of GIKIL, Managing Director has once again emphasized the commitment of Company's Management to resolve environmental issues by concrete results, and to ensure undisturbed business flows, as well.

On this occasion Assistant Minister of Economy of the Government TC visited the facilities and plants in GIKIL, and got convinced on the ground that GIKIL is a large work site at this moment where significant activities are being performed on different locations in parallel and that he will inform the Minister of Economy TK about it.