Projects in GIKIL: The possibility of breakdowns in the Coke plant significantly reduced 

25/09/2018 10:19:00

With the aim of reducing the possibility of failures, which have led to shorter and longer breakdowns on the coke battery V in the Coke plant in previous months, when there was also the stoppage in the work of electro-exhausters of the coke gas, during the past few days in Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac (GIKIL) another important project was completed.

It is about a project of the Energy plant worth about 35.000 BAM, based on which the complete reparation of all defects, reported on the GIKIL’s 35kV long power lines, has been completed.

"Unfortunately, we cannot have a lot of influence on the breakdowns caused by the interruption in the power supply from Puračić substation, because Elektroprivreda BiH is responsible for maintaining of this distributive network, but we can improve the condition of it what is in GIKIL. With this aim, the company Umel - Dalekovodmontaža d.o.o. Tuzla has been engaged, which performed reparation works for us at the 35kV SS Puračić-SS Azotara and 35kV SS Puračić-SS IV CB, "explains the director of Energy plant, Aida Akeljić.

In addition to decreasing the number of breakdowns and interventions on the long power lines, further explained Aldin Kadrić, Head of the department for the production and distribution of electricity, these activities provided their safer and more reliable work and extended duration of the long power lines.

"The works included the cleaning of the construction from the corrosion and putting anticorrosion protection, the cleaning of the vegetation in and around construction pillars, and the bursting of the vegetation on the transmission line, as well as the cleaning and repair of damaged concrete on the corners of the foundation. Further activities included grounding resistance measurement for each pillar, the installation of the carrier of the pre-voltage taker, deconstruction of the pre-voltage taker and support insulators, and installation of new ones, cleaning of glass insulating ankles from dust and geodetic safety distance checks, thus establishing a more stable operation of the GIKIL’s electrical network, which further makes influence on the technical-production safety of plant’s operation in the Company, "Kadrić adds.

In addition to these activities, by the engagement of the company Culon doo Tuzla, significant works were also completed at the Fertilizer plant, where reconstruction of the 6 kV facility has been performed.

"The obsolete low-oil switches have been removed and there was installed new equipment, of the manufacturer "Schneider Electric", facility for the commissioning of the 2,5 MW engine of the CR 200 compressor in the substation SS “Azotara" 35/6 kV, in order to increase the degree of reliability of the work of key engine in the Fertilizer plant. In addition to increasing the reliability of the facility, the reconstruction achieves more efficient and easier maintenance and also eliminates the use of oil in the switches, which is acceptable from an ecological point of view as well, "says Elvir Memić, Head of WU Electro Maintenance department of the Remont plant.

The value of these works was additionally about 38.000 KM.