New tanks : Safety and Environmental Projects already show the first results 

14/09/2018 10:55:00

Realization of projects aimed for ensuring safe and environmentally acceptable work of Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac runs with planned dynamics, and the first significant results are visible on the field.

At the accident site, which occurred at GIKIL during the repair works at the beginning of August, the installation of completely new tanks is being carried out, meanwhile a contract for the creation of a new application for environmental permit with the institute from Zenica has been signed as an authorized institution by the Federal ministry of environment and tourism.

"The old tanks have been removed, the entire area is cleared, so we have already started with the previously announced installation of new tanks. It is currently working on the installation of completely new tanks R24 and R27, while the procurement and delivery process of another ones will be completed in parallel. On the other hand, and what we have also announced, we have engaged a certified consulting house to apply as soon as possible for a new application, within the deadline, for an environmental permit that will meet all the necessary criteria, "said Jasmin Imširović, Environmental Manager in GIKIL.

Business activities in the company include all plants and facillities in GIKIL, ie all the key points defined by the six-months plan which, according to Executive director, Suad Imamovic, currently include even 47 projects.

"The plan for the safe and environmentally acceptable work of GIKIL which was presented to the representatives of the Cantonal and Federal Government, including the relevant ministries, contained primarily 45 projects, and we subsequently added two more important projects. After certain project leaders and teams were defined, made of our experienced engineers, most of the projects were launched immediately, and one part, such as continuous monitoring of Emissions on the Chimneys of Energy plant and Coke plant, parallel work of two amonsulfate lines, filters in blocks and electro-filters, are already finished. We work decisively and seriously, next week we will finish two more significant projects, the planned dynamics goes on stream, and we are sure that it will be recognized by all soon, "explains Imamovic.

The story of investing in GIKIL does not end here. In addition to the mentioned urgent projects which implementation relates to a short-term period of six months and which projected value is almost six million BAM, GIKIL will also define an additional, detailed plan of activities, which will form an integral part of the application for a new environmental permit.