Works on ammonia scrubbers : Safety and environmental protection projects in GIKIL contribute to cleaner air, land and water 

21/09/2018 10:48:00

Works which are being carried out on ammonia scrubbers at the Coke plant in Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac (GIKIL) will contribute to improving absorption and cleaning of coke gas, and the final objective is to clear the coke gas from the presence of ammonia completely.

Realization of the first of three same projects is in the final phase, and the works are being carried out in parallel with other repairing and investment activities defined by the six-months plan covering 47 projects in order to achieve safe and environmentally acceptable work of the Company.

"At this moment, workers are cleaning the hordes corked with old layers of certain tar and other compounds. The ammonia scrubber is in principle used to purify the coke gas from ammonia which further, after being cleaned, as ammoniac water, passes to ammonium sulphate where it is processed. It is therefore a project that affects both, the efficiency of the work process and the environment, because it is very important that the coke gas is cleaned of ammonia compounds, and these scrubbers will fully serve to this purpose after completion of the work", explains the project leader, engineer Mustafa Karić.

Works on ammonia scrubbers are linked to another very significant project in GIKIL which is already in operation. It is about a parallel work of two lines of ammonium sulphate closely related to the treatment of the waste water. Director of Coke plant, Huso Jašarević, explained the whole process pointing out that the additional benefit of the entire project is the fact that the waste water, as such, will no longer be able to go to the Spreča River.

"The water that emerges after the process in the ammonia scrubbers goes into operation of ammonium sulphate facility which is currently working with two lines for the processing of ammonia water. Parallel operation of two lines is very important because it means the treatment of the entire water which is formed in the process. This means that, after this treatment, de-ammonium water, which is now free from ammonia, because from that water the salt is made, i.e. ammonium sulphate, still contains some admixtures of ammonia and phenol. As such, it goes further to the biochemical wastewater treatment where it is additionally treated and processed. Ultimately, even that kind of completely purified water, i.e. water that comes out from the biochemical wastewater treatment facility, is going back to the process and it is used for the cooling of process system, "says Jašarević.

The completion of the project is expected during the weekend, and after the test phase, when all the inflows and outflows will be tested, the ammonia scrubber drive will be released into regular operation.

In addition to the project on ammonia scrubbers, the launch of two lines of ammonia sulphate and the new tanks, in the Coke plant in the coming days will be started a project for the disposal of tar fuss, proper drainage of benzene, and overhaul and cleaning of pre-coolers of the coke gas, which are also significant projects for improving the overall ecological image of the Company.