First-class German air monitoring system implemented 

03/09/2018 11:04:00

After the contract was signed for the purchase of equipment of a renowned German manufacturer that meets all current requirements of BH legislation, as well as EU legislation, and the implementation of the project of continuous measurement of emissions into the air began in February 2018, today Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac can say that the air emission measurement system has been installed and is undergoing final testing.

- The equipment, according to earlier announcements, was released last week for a 30-day trial. In the following days, the QAL 2 test (calibration of measuring equipment) is being done, and afterwards, all required documentation will be submitted to the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism. With the completion of these activities, all GIKIL emissions monitoring data will be compiled and available for further analysis and improvements. Also, this was one of the basic requirements of the Environmental Licensing Committee, and GIKIL with this system fulfilled this condition, said Jasmin Imširović, environmental manager.


We are reminding that the system of continuous monitoring for emission measurement will enable the overall monitoring of sources and causes of pollution, as well as determining responsibility and timely reaction in order to reduce any recorded exceeded emissions.


GIKIL promptly continue its activities on realization of the plan for safe and environmentally acceptable work of GIKIL, which includes 45 projects with a total value of about 5.7 million KM, which the GIKIL Management Board plans to realize in the next 6 months, apart from the amount of 1 million KM which will be directed for cleaning.


Also, GIKIL will soon submit a request for getting environmental permit with the help of a certified consulting company for making a request in accordance with the agreement, and also the activities on new investment projects that will contribute to a better environment are on-going in order to jointly address the key issues that we are all facing.