21/06/2018 09:40:00

In the organization of Human Resources, E & T pillar, TPM Secretariat and the Six-Sigma department in GIKIL educations and training aimed to renewal knowledge in these areas were held.

"For the last two months, we've been intensifying these trainings for the high-qualified and managerial staff in the Company, as well as for the new employees to whom this education represented introduction to TPM and Six Sigma methodology as world-renowned methodologies. The importance of these training is reflected in explaining the importance and benefits of their application in practice, with the aim of achieving better performance in production and workplaces, prevention of injuries at work, achievement of zero deviations of quality and failure, " said Semir Softić, leader of the E & T pillar.

TPM training sessions included, at this stage, introducing with the basics of TPM methodology and topics such as 5S activities, Autonomous Maintenance, Focused Improvement, OPE Calculation, and Planned Maintenance, and it will be continued with the theme of Quality Maintenance. After that, training will be held for specific groups of workers in plants and departments, with specific topics for each TPM pillar individually.

"The goal of the training is to renew the acquired knowledge and apply the same in practice to give greater value to our products through key PQCDSM indicators which mean productivity, quality, cost, delivery, security and morale. It is important to note that the results of the application of TPM methodology can only be achieved through continuous, organized work and the participation of all employees in the Company in a systematic way, as defined by the TPM methodology itself. We hope that the trainings were useful to our employees and that they will use their knowledge in everyday practice, with the aim of achieving the best results, "said Susheel Bhat, Head of TPM.

These trainings will continue in the coming period to test the acquired knowledge. 

Amir Beganović, the Six Sigma Coordinator, said to us that the education on this methodology which was completed last week, similar to the previous one, was intended for all highly educated colleagues who use the Six-Sigma methodology in their work. In addition to introducing with the methodology, these topics have been studied: Statistical Tools used in the Six Sigma methodology, Project Realization through DMAIC Approach, Process Evaluation Capability (Sigma New, Process Abilities, DPMO, Yild - Y), and Process Monitoring - statistical process control SPC.

"The significance of education refers to application in processes, which as a result has the rise of customer satisfaction and financial profit of the company. As for the workers, this was a shorter course, and we appreciate being happy with the training and having renewed and acquired new knowledge. On the other hand, considering that GIKIL received a number of young engineers, estimates are that more training should be organized for this group of workers from September, "Beganović said.

Last week, in addition to renewing knowledge in the area of ​​TPM and Six Sigma methodology, the training named "IT Improvement, advanced use of MS Word and MS Excel was held in the MLM auditorium.

Training was held with the aim of improving IT knowledge for GIKIL employees dealing with the creation of various types of Excel based documents in MS Word, which significantly facilitates work in practice.

"Using this methodology, it is possible to create a template in advanced Word and lists, or from the Excel databases generate hundreds of documents such as contracts, solutions etc. right away. It is a useful tool that simplifies the creation of multiple documents which are similar, but have their unique data. This is achieved by linking the database, the Excel document, which contains that information with the document where that data will be, that is, a template in Word. This applies to all types of template documents, i.e. contracts, decisions, letter of appreciations, invitations, etc. and any other documents which can be further edited and printed, „Emir Omerovic, head of the IT sector explained.