26/07/2018 09:05:00

After a technical failure which occurred in GIKIL recently, when leakage on the separator of raw tar took place, the activities on recovery of key points were accelerated in order to solve this problem in general.

First phase in defining priority steps with an aim to find a more efficient method of collecting over-tar water is a new system which has been established and which already works with about 90 percent of the planned capabilities.

"We are certified to have five percent of the water in the tar to be ready for the dispatch. The surplus of that over-tar water has been dropped in the tank so far, which was not further solved very well. However, we started with accelerated activities, and together with the Remont plant went to visit parts which were inadequate according to the technical documentation. Here, first of all, we talk about containers and tanks to be able to accept this water and return it to the process again. Afterwards, which can be seen on the spot, a new square tank was made, new pipelines were made and these pipelines were connected to ammonium sulphate reservoirs where this water is returned to the process”,  explained Alma Mujakić, production engineer WU Condensation.

A smaller part of the job is left until completion of the project, and the acceptance of the over-tar water is already functioning. The water is collected in a square tank, returned to the system and goes to the ammonium-sulphate for processing so the possibility of discharge in Spreča river is being gradually eliminated.

The new air emission measurement system soon in operation

After the contract for the procurement of equipment from a renowned German producer was signed in December 2017, the implementation of the continuous emission measurement project began in February 2018, and the most of the work has already been completed.

New platforms were built on the chimneys of the Energy plant, a platform on the V chimney of coke battery V was tested, monitoring equipment containers were installed at all three measuring points, and installations were already brought.

"Most of the measuring equipment is delivered to GIKIL, and during the next days we expect the rest of the equipment to be completed. Currently, this week, preparations are being made directly on the chimneys with already installed platforms by drilling the chimneys to set up the measuring probes, which will be connected to all the equipment in the containers, "said Jasmin Imširović, Environmental Manager.

As a reminder, the signed contract on procurement, installation and commissioning of continuous monitoring of the emission measurement system will allow complete monitoring of the sources and causes of pollution, and thereby determining responsibility and timely reaction to reduce any recorded emissions’ excess.

According to current plans, the completion of the project is expected by mid-August.