04/06/2018 14:56:00

Possibilities of revitalization of coke battery IV and increased off take of met coke were the main area of interest for representatives of ArcelorMittal, headquartered in Luxembourg, who visited our Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac.

During the presentation of the project by our Management Board, which was attended by the plant and department directors of GIKIL, investment potentials were thoroughly explained to the guests as well as all the technical needs for realization of this very valuable step which would mean new growth and development of the Company, increase production, but also new employments.

"We are very happy that our market, above all, can enable the battery IV to be revitalized at the Coke plant. It is a battery which has worked for 17 years and has not been in operation for a long time, or more precisely since 1992 when it was stopped due to the war in the country. However, it is important to point out that all safety and security procedures have been followed during its stoppage so it is well-preserved today. The potential is very significant and we are delighted that there is an open interest for new investment projects in GIKIL, which are one of our main goals for the future, "said Debasish Ganguly, Managing Director of GIKIL, and recalled that the battery in Zenica was also had been also stopped and restarted, and it operates very well today.

According to made estimates, the re-starting of the fourth coke battery requests minimum of investments and labour demand since a common infrastructure for facilities already exists.

"The investment is valuable, but it is not too demanding, as most of the required infrastructure exists. The estimates say that it would take about eight months for the battery to start, and about a hundred new workers and the result would be increasing production by about 80 percent of the current capacity of coke battery V, "explained our company's MD.

In addition to many technical and logistical questions, representatives of Arcelor from Luxembourg, Mr.Liem Hazoume, Mr.Denis Vogt and Mr.Frederique Honnart showed a special interest for the physical state of the battery. Accompanied by MB members, plant management and engineers, there was made a detailed tour over the all facilities of the plant.

"The visit was of mutual benefit and some of us were visiting GIKIL earlier. As a big company with a tendency to continually expand business, we have come to know in detail the technical dimensions of existing battery, as well as the ability to launch battery IV. Our experts, technical staff were particularly interested in the construction features of coke ovens, coking time, blending possibilities, quality, logistic support and everything based on what we can get the exact image we will further consider in our headquarters, "said Liem Hazoume, Head for the procurement of raw materials in ArcelorMittal.