07/05/2018 14:44:00

Hot meal fee increment, regulated ordinary rest during the state holidays...

Between the Management Board and the Union Organization of Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac the Agreement has been concluded, to the satisfaction of all workers, since it contains new provisions which were not contained in the earlier ones.

By this it is also extended the validity of the earlier agreement, signed at the beginning of April 2018, and it was agreed that during the period of its validity, i.e. from May to the end of the year, additional 1.50 KM will be paid to the workers for the hot meal fee. This means that, together with the current amount of 8.50 KM, the hot meal is increased for the mentioned amount and that the workers have a total of 10 KM now, not including monthly food coupons.

By Article 2 of the said Agreement another benefit has been introduced. It is about a public holiday compensation for shift workers whose regular rest is on the day of the state holiday.

Mirsad Imamović, President of the GIKIL's Union, welcomed the readiness of the Management Board to sign this as well as every other step forward with an aim to increase or improve the conditions at the workplace, saying that the signed Agreement is a transitional solution during of negotiations on individual collective agreements.

"We are satisfied with any progress we make by a joint agreement that goes to our workers benefit and we are glad that we can find good solutions, even temporary ones. The increase in the hot meal fee is a good step, as well as the regulation of the state holiday compensation for workers in shifts, whose regular rest comes on one of the days which are defined by the law as the state holidays, because this has not been regulated by now and, in one hand, it was discriminatory towards individuals. However, the story does not end here. We will continue to negotiate on individual collective agreements as soon as conditions are met and we hope that this will be the ultimate result of the entire past story on this topic, " Imamović said.

The constructive dialogue is the best way for any kind of negotiation, and it was also confirmed by the members of the Management Board.

"The signed agreement is, at this moment, the most positive possible outcome of all our efforts in the recent time and a new confirmation that both sides have willingness to address the current issues. This is a compromise solution at the time when the Company is struggling with various uncertainties which do not allow long-term plans to be made in this field. We remain open to a positive dialogue which leads the Company in the right direction and protects workers as our most important resource, "said Mr. Fuad Muminović, Executive Director for Operations.

It is important to emphasize that, besides that what is defined by the Agreement, the Company is also paying volunteers the same hot meal allowance which employees are eligible.

The new agreement will be valid by December 31, 2018.