12/04/2018 08:57:00

The students of final years of study at the Faculty of Technology of the University of Tuzla, who visited Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac last days got convinced that the experience and practice are the best teachers of education. By visiting the youngest plant in GIKIL, the Anhydride Maleic Acid plant (AMA/AMK), the future young engineers had the opportunity to strengthen the theoretical knowledge they gained during the education by practical knowledge as well.

This is the result of the signed Agreement on Cooperation between GIKIL and the Faculty of Technology Tuzla, which enables students to acquire practical experience and skills in their fields of education, including scientific research.

- The purpose of professional visits is to link the theoretical knowledge that students have gained in the subjects of Reaction Engineering I, the third year of orientation of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and Chemical reactors, the fourth year of orientation Chemistry and material engineering, with practice, as well as to introduce them to the manufacturing process at the AMK plant. The practical knowledge adopted by the students is of great benefit to their future occupation, and an additional goal is to, apply this kind of education in a teaching curriculum as a mandatory form of education for future generations in cooperation with companies such as GIKIL - said professor Ivan Petric, Head of the Department of Chemistry Engineering and Technology at the Faculty of Technology University of Tuzla.

By introducing of practical education as a regular part of education, the teaching process will be significantly improved because, as Ermin Mujkić, a technology engineer and director of the AMK plant emphasized, in this way, after the students complete their education they will be much more prepared for the jobs that this industry offers.

- GIKIL is a specific industry that offers a wide range of opportunities for vocational training of young people but also has a continuous need for new and young personnel. As a former student of the Faculty of Technology, together with other colleagues engineers, I am very happy to participate in organizing these practical trainings, and all for the purpose of transferring the acquired experience and the wider linking of the industry or the economy with the academic community, because one without the other cannot survive or prosper in the modern demands of society and the market - said Mujkić.

It is important to emphasize that Lukavac AMK plant is the only one of this type in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was built in 1978 and rebuilt after the war. In 2006, due to ecological demands, the plant started to use N-butane instead of benzene as a raw material, which significantly decreased the pollution of the environment and through its 12 years of operation AMK plant has been achieving record production and sales. GIKIL’s AMK is a top quality product which is confirmed by data that it is exported to 17 countries worldwide.