21/03/2018 14:36:00

Among the farmers in Croatia there is a growing interest in the use of the Lukavac CAN, and it is confirmed by numerous visitors to the GIKIL's stand at the fair in Virovitica.

In a conversation with the representatives of GIKIL's Agro team they said that our product is well known in this area, and that, in comparison to other mineral fertilizers, the advantage of CAN from Lukavac is not only its unquestionable quality but also an appropriate price.

-There is a huge demand for CAN in this area and I am glad that the representatives of GIKIL are more present in Croatia, where through direct and indirect promotions, together with all of us, they help our farmers, which will surely have a positive effect in the future. I have been working in the field of agriculture for more than 20 years and I can say for sure that CAN from Lukavac does not harden the soil but stabilizes its pH value, which is of extreme importance for all those who are dealing with breeding– said Anton Vrančić, a long-time farmer from Nova Kapela.

Similar opinion was shared with us by Mato Barošić, a farmer from Đakovo, who said that in this difficult time farmers have to think long-term if they want to have good yields each year, regardless of the changing weather conditions, and if they want to provide to land and plants what is needed to get the expected yield.

-You can find everything on the market today. In addition to the many standards which are being established, there is still insufficient control and the farmer, if he wants to work with what he is dealing with, has to think about what he is using for breeding and how much it costs. Lukavac KAN has combined quality with the price that suits us and I'm glad you came to our region and showed us your offer and how we can get your product - Barošić said.  

Also the representatives of our company are satisfied with the number of people who visited the "Viroexpo", one of the biggest fairs in this part of Croatia.

-We have made direct contacts with a large number of farmers, concrete cooperation has been agreed, and all this tells us that we are actually offering the top quality product, the product which is in demand, and by which we will certainly have a bigger presence on this market in the season ahead. The information on fertilization, protection and improvement of land quality are of crucial importance for farmers, because yield depends largely of this process. For this reason, at all the fairs we visit, in cooperation with Professor Goran Perković, through direct conversations, we advise agricultural producers about the best ways of breeding and we get feedback on our own product - said Admir Osmanhodžić, GIKIL's agronomist.

Participation at the fair was enabled by the Cantonal Chamber of Commerce Tuzla in co-operation with the Government of Tuzla Canton, within the common setting named "The Economy of Tuzla Canton".