21/03/2018 14:22:00

The production of coke in the FB&H in December reached the amount of 80,456 tons, while 60,907 tons were recorded in the same month in 2016 according to the data of the Federal Bureau of Statistics.

Total coke production in Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac in 2017 was more than 450,000 tons. A special increase was recorded in the last quarter, so that the production in December last year compared to December 2016 increased by 71 percent.

-What is particularly important to point out is that the increase and stabilization of production was followed by the increase and stabilization of sales value, all due to the considerable demand for the company's products and its cost effective competitiveness – said Fuad Muminović, Executive Director for Operations.

Achieving these growth rates was largely dependent on global stabilized goods’ prices, which are in line with our forecasts for future sales, and whose growth value by the company's business plans will remain stable in the first quarter of 2018.

-This is also supported by the fact that in January of the current year, after very good results in December, there has been a new growth in production, which according to our data, was more than 51,000 tons – Muminović emphasized.

It is also important to note that in the course of 2017, the production at Coke plant was optimized and a huge step forward was made in reducing costs compared to 2016 as well as earlier years. This refers to a drastic reduction in the coal and coke handling by third parties. An external coke stacker was put into operation; a coke crusher was built with internal resources, so that the costs which were about a million BAM annually were reduced even by 80 %. The efficiency of screening of coke 10-25 mm was also increased using polyurethane grids in the production process.

New improvements for even better results

The implementation of the project "Increasing of the coke screening efficiency” in accordance with the Six Sigma methodology in the Coke plant is in progress. It is about putting coke stacker and mobile screening machine into the line production process and the ultimate goal is the higher yield of metallurgical coke.

-The goal is to extract more expensive metallurgical coke + 25mm from 10 ~ 25mm coke. Since the difference in price is large, there are great benefits. Of course, it will be yet shown through an additional increase in the yield of this coke. Activities are ongoing, and the ultimate results which will follow will have a significant impact on business achievements - said Huso Jašarević, director of Coke plant.

The coke as GIKIL's major product line contributes to about 80% of the total sales of the company, followed by fertilizers and the production of maleic anhydride (MA). GIKIL as an export-oriented company, exports its main product coke mainly to Smederevo in Serbia, while smaller quantities go to Albania and to the domestic market, to Zenica, and new negotiations for exports to Italy are ongoing. The production in the company is round- the-clock and looking at the overall turnover of our wide range of products, we can proudly say that GIKIL's products are currently exported to 30 countries worldwide.