21/03/2018 14:13:00

On the occasion of marking the jubilee "115 Years of Economic Association" in Tuzla Canton, a solemn ceremony was organized by the Cantonal Chamber of Commerce Tuzla where the credible economic entities were awarded the letters of acknowledgment and recognition.

As a long time member and an important promoter in the economy of Tuzla Canton and Bosnia and Herzegovina, also our company has received this award.

- The incorporation of businessmen in BH has a centuries-old tradition. From the first organized activity of the businessmen through the formation of the chamber system to the current moment of the Cantonal Chamber of Commerce Tuzla, 115 years have passed. Through the various forms and activities of the Chamber, we were striving to promote economic associating, representing the interests of the businessmen and contributing to the creation of a more favourable business environment. The Cantonal Chamber of Commerce Tuzla wanted to mark this significant jubilee in a solemn way, and give the recognitions to the economic entities in Tuzla Canton that were following and supporting the work of the Chamber of Commerce system in this period and were the initiators of the economic development of north-eastern Bosnia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in general - said on this occasion Nedret Kikanović, President of the Cantonal Chamber of Commerce Tuzla.

The Managing Director of our company, Mr. Debasish Ganguly was on this occasion awarded this recognition on behalf of Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac.