05/01/2018 12:09:00

After a detailed analysis of the submitted bids, company Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac has signed the Continuous Monitoring System Contract for measuring air emissions for a renowned German product, thus fulfilling one of the basic obligations for renewal of the environmental permit.

-Beside the activities aimed at improving the technological and production process we have been committed especially in recent months, we want to show actual work to continue with the implementation of environmental protection measures in accordance with the legal regulations. A serious system, a serious company and valuable equipment has been selected, and it will be installed on two remaining points, at the Power plant and the Coke plant chimneys, according to European standards - said Jasmin Imširović, Environmental and Quality Control Manager and at GIKIL.

The signed contract on procurement, installation and commissioning of continuous monitoring of the emission measurement system will allow complete monitoring of the sources and causes of pollution, and thereby determination of responsibility and timely reaction in order to reduce any recorded excess emissions. All this is an additional proof that after stabilizing the business in the last quarter, which means safe work posts, which are the top priority. GIKIL is making the utmost efforts to show that it is a serious a socially responsible company to a wider social community.

-This was one of the basic obligations under the conclusions of the meetings with the Federal Environmental Licensing Commission and the fulfilment of one of the basic requirements of the Federal Ministry of the Environment, which we have been trying to launch in the shortest period possible by selecting very carefully both the bidders and the equipment, already tested by European companies using the equipment in their respective plants. We believe that with this investment we have acquired the conditions for launching environmental renewal activities for GIKIL, and I hope that the benefits of this project will soon be visible and recognized by citizens as well, said Debasish Ganguly, Managing director of GIKIL.

We remind that, in the Coke plant, a serious work has been done in the last few months to improve the technological discipline which indirectly helps to reduce the potential emissions. By eliminating technical shortcomings, by raising the operators’ responsibilities and maintenance level, significant improvements have been made, as well as reduction in fugitive emissions. In the forthcoming period GIKIL will continue to implement its new investment projects, which will contribute a better ecological environment aiming at jointly addressing the key issues that we all face.