25/12/2017 09:49:00

On the occasion of New Year holidays, Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac, for all its employees, children and grandchildren, also this year have organized a traditional December celebration.

With music and dance, and fun with Santa Claus, GIKIL's little ones, over 250 of them, have received Santa Clause gifts while their parents and grandparents also enjoyed the excellent performance of the actors of the National Theater Tuzla.

 Apart from the record attendance in the Lukavac House of Culture, this year's celebration confirmed that cooperation and communal spirit are the key to success and a leading star to every economic and social progress.

"We are proud that this year, among the present, we see some familiar and many new faces, our employees, their children, and their grandchildren. All this confirms that GIKIL is really a big family, which we as a company desire and nourish, and continue to enhance. The year that is slowly behind us will remain remembered as an extremely turbulent year for our business giant, but also the year that points to better days ahead, and we want to believe that we will have additional reasons for our celebrations - said Irina Dugonjić, Director of Human Resources and Administration at GIKIL.

 The Union of our company also provided a great support to the New Year's entertainment organization, which further demonstrates that willingness to work together and to preserve the true values are the basis of every good relationship and the direction for the future of GIKIL. All this is in line with the company's future plans, whose business stabilized in the last quarter of 2017, and which also offers much better prospects for progress that will be visible in particular in 2018.

 "We are always here to support the good idea, this time also. The Union is happy to join, and now that a lot has changed for the better in our company, we shall give our support to preserve the positive trend. Let this beautiful event be an indicator that every worker, and hence the economy is a future that has no alternative, and the children smiles echoing in the hall today are a motive for even greater progress. The winds of change are blowing towards GIKIL, I have recently been pointing it out often, and it should be support by all means, "said Mirsad Imamović, Head of GIKIL’s Union.

With the most sincere wishes for the coming year to be prosperous, both family wellbeing and supreme business results, we wish to all our employees and their families, our friends, business partners, citizens of Lukavac and Bosnia and Herzegovina a happy New Year 2018, it was convened from the ceremony.