13/12/2017 14:23:00

The information on fulfilling the two significant requirements for renewing the environmental permit for GIKIL was the main occasion of the working visit of Lukavac's Mayor, Edin Delić, to our company.

Purchase of equipment for continuous monitoring of gas emissions at the Coke plant is in the final phase which, with new investments and improvement of the entire technological production process, is one of the main steps for fulfilling of this important task for GIKIL.

“After the last meeting with the members for the assessment commission for the environmental permit renewal, GIKIL has taken this commitment very seriously, so that the projects which we have started earlier have accelerated and the results are already visible. Next week we are starting to select the continuous monitoring suppliers, we have invited them for negotiations, so we will be able to make a final decision. Also, at Coke plant a very significant work has been done to improve the technological discipline which indirectly helps to reduce the potential emissions”, said Debasish Ganguly, Managing Director of GIKIL.

As a member of the commission, but also the mayor of the municipality, Delić said that he has a very difficult and serious task towards citizens, similar to the one that the first man of a large and extremely important company as GIKIL is, and that seeking common solutions is a goal for both sides.

“I am here today based on the cognition that the progress has really been made in the company regarding environmental protection. I heard this information and I have to say that this is a good step for GIKIL, which goes in the right direction. There is a lot of work and I am expecting to be a part of the environmental permit solution, with the future plant modernization. We are aware that we have come to the point when it is necessary to make a turn, with a great understanding of the complex general situation in GIKIL. It is no secret that we are putting great pressure on this company, but it is a common intention to secure not only the present but also the future of these jobs. Investments are the key and that's our message to everyone, including the Government of Tuzla Canton”, Delić said.

During the meeting, GIKIL's Management Board appealed to Lukavac's Mayor once again for assistance in solving the problem of accumulated receivables from JKP RAD for water supply to Lukavac municipality, pointing out that these funds, along with business stabilization, would be a good basis for additional company investment in environmental projects.