01/12/2017 11:10:00

Together with the adoption of practical knowledge, education and training are an infallible part of good practice in GIKIL, where experience is also transferred to younger generations.

TPM training has recently been organized for young engineers and volunteers, and according to Coordinator Senaid Halilčević, the importance of applying this methodology is numerous.

"TPM methodology as a business initiative has been adopted and launched in GIKIL to improve overall plant efficiency (OPE) by systematically removing losses or abnormalities through the cohesion of all employees' efforts, improving customer satisfaction, suppliers as well as company employees themselves. In order to bring this methodology and the way of implementation closer to new employees, we regularly organize training also for young engineers. This kind of training is needed to demonstrate and explain the basic principles of TPM, the TPM pillars through which activities are carried out and the actual change in GIKIL", he explains.

A part of the training included Introduction to TPM as well as Autonomous Maintenance as one of the TPM pillars with the aim of providing the young engineers with a better performance of their regular tasks besides the mentioned training reasons and also related to Autonomous Maintenance.

TPM training was preceded by Six Sigma training during which future young professionals could enrich their knowledge and the benefits of using this methodology at GIKIL.

"Financial perspectives and innovations are two very important aspects of business. TPM and Six Sigma methodology directly affect profit through increasing productivity and efficiency of manufacturing and business processes, as well as reducing scraps partly through the savings that arose in our production processes, and partly through the innovations that resulted from the implementation of TPM and Six Sigma methodologies. With pleasure I can say that to me as a young engineer at GIKIL it is an honour and pleasure that I could adopt new knowledge during my working hours related to two methodologies, namely Six Sigma and TPM, which are recognized and successfully applied methodologies worldwide in all major companies such as GIKIL", said Elvisa Husić, a former volunteer, and today a coke separation engineer.