24/11/2017 14:35:00

According to the forecasts of GIKIL management, sales value growth will increase until the end of 2017 by approximately 60% compared to the previous year. GIKIL’s promising forecast is based on the assumptions that there is a considerable demand for the products the company produces and their cost effective competitiveness.

Attaining these rates of growth depends to a large degree on stabilized global commodity prices. Expected revenue growth of the company also has a great support of the workers whose contribution to the current results, on the other hand, has shown that progress is possible only with the joint effort.

“Our sales value growth will trigger financial benefits to the company. Despite the growing political and legal uncertainties from the background, fuelled by rumours and speculations, we want a sustainable future for GIKIL. It is important to support this positive trend by practices which will further strengthen managing of GIKIL, therefore we consider that we will be able to conclude successfully, in a more tolerant and relaxed atmosphere, negotiations on signing of individual collective agreements starting these days," said GIKIL’s Head of Union Mirsad Imamović.

Managing Director of GIKIL, Debasish Ganguly, emphasized that positive sales value growth projection is based on the continued trust and commitment of suppliers, customers, and stakeholders of the company adding that by moving forward, GIKIL remains focused on all aspects of growth strategy.

“Make no mistake that this projected sales increase is possible because of mindset change of our people. That said, our employees are now focusing on internal productivity culture and striving for optimal efficiency, so that , the company can enhance its market position, maximize profits and pay salaries to employees”, he added.