24/11/2017 13:35:00

In order to eliminate the losses of crude coke gas and reduce gas emissions in the atmosphere, during the last months, most of the activities that improved the production were completed in Coke plant, and a major step forward has been made bringing positive effects that will be largely felt by the wider local community.

Work started on the small opening doors for the planning

In the period from 21 August to the present day, out of total 65 doors installed at 5th Coke Battery, 52 were processed, and 49 were placed on 5th Coke Battery. According to Amer Salihovic, maintenance engineer in coke plant, these activities are continuous and the plan is to finish processing the remaining doors by the end of 2017.

- What is particularly important to note is that this action achieves desirable results of reduced emissions of coke gas leakage. The sealing of the small doors is solved by the organized work of daily dismantling of complete doors from the machine side by the pushing machine, autodischarge, transportation to the mechanical workshop, mechanical treatment by milling the small portholes, and by the same procedure by installing them on the coke battery no. 5 - says Salihovic.

Activities will continue in the following year

A particularly demanding work was then carried out on the verticle columns and collectors by sealing the axle of the butterfly flaps which was solved by the organized replacement of the sealing material.

- In October, all 36 seals which were not in operation were replaced. Here we especially have to praise our workers who carried out these works in extremely difficult working conditions because they were exposed to temperatures above 60 ° C. The result is that the leakage of coke gas on the butterfly flaps was completely stopped - Salihovic points out.

In order to solve the leakage of crude coke gas on the compensators, i.e. the flexible connection of the verticle columns with butterfly flaps and gas collectors, with the rescue team in the zone of fire and explosion, in October 2017, 14 pieces of damaged compensators were also replaced. The remaining 116 compensators, were thoroughly cleaned by process workers and subsequently sealed with loose non-combustible materials. The leakage on the compensator was completely stopped, and according to Dževad Šehić, the WU Coking Manager, similar activities will be continued on the lids of verticle columns.

-For the elimination of the coke gas leakage on the lids of verticle columns, which is essentially less than the first three leakages, it is necessary to repair the covers and the seat on all 130 verticle columns. This is a complex work process which will last for more than a year. However, a couple of critical covers were processed and replaced, and process workers performed a thorough cleaning on all 130 verticle columns, thus achieving a temporary satisfactory result of a coke gas leak emissions - explains Šehić.

Foreign experts engaged

Coke oven doors are regularly repaired and adjusted according to the process of coke battery exploitation. In order to support this procedure, a brigade of five mechanical workers at the remodeling gate was appointed, 20 pieces of new gaskets and refractory materials worth several tens of thousands of KM were purchased.

The story does not end there, so that a series of corrective actions have been made to eliminate all the irregularities of the 5th Coke Battery operations together with foreign experts. In addition to the above mentioned, significant activities have been completed on the repair of the system for pre-injection, testing, tuning, and commissioning.

- With the help of Ukrainian experts on battery V, a better regulation of differential pressure in gas collectors has been established, which also positively reflects on a reduction in gas emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, certain measurements have been made with their help, and a filling of the coke ovens under the pre-injection is carried out. This will further reduce the emission of gas and dust into the atmosphere - says Šehić.