28/09/2017 12:25:00

Linking of economy and science, practical training of students, education and exchange of experience in finding effective industrial-manufacturing solutions, are main goals of renewed cooperation between Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac and the Faculty of Technology of the University of Tuzla.

An Agreement on mutual cooperation in the field of education, research and scientific activities, which has been signed yesterday (September 27, 2017) in the premises of the Faculty, will enable the realization of projects which are useful for the wider community, as well as the professional training of the future staff of a specific industry, such as GIKIL.

"We highly appreciate that GIKIL has recognized our Faculty as a faculty which can contribute a lot to the economy and vice versa. Many of our former students are now employed at GIKIL in very responsible positions and today we have been partly able to start the topic of what the economy and practice can offer on our curriculum and how our faculty can contribute to this industry branch from the aspect of scientific research work. I am grateful for the readiness for closer, but also the wider cooperation which is extremely useful to us and which benefits and results will be visible very soon, I am sure - said Prof. Vahida Selimbašić, Dean of the Faculty of Technology.

The fact that the economy and science have to work together has been confirmed by the representatives of the Lukavac’s giant as well emphasizing that GIKIL was always a socially responsible company, despite financial constraints.

- The chemical industry, as one of the economy developers, has always been very significant in this area, and our company is ready to respond to every useful invitation and proposal like this one. Healthy cooperation between business entities and academic institutions is important not only for practical education of students but also for the realization of future projects, especially by outsourcing and putting useful ideas into practice, which can arise through this kind of cooperation. Our plants and production operations are inexhaustible source of resources, and I am particularly pleased to have expanded our cooperation which we had in previous years - said Debasish Ganguly, Managing Director of GIKIL.

The signing of the Agreement was also attended by Professors of the Faculty of Technology, PhD Ivan Petric and PhD Abdel Đozić, vice dean for scientific research, and Irina Dugonjić, Director of HR and Administration in GIKIL.