27/07/2017 15:14:00

Education on fire protection for all employees of Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac was finished in past days. It is a legal obligation which has been successfully implemented in the company for years.

- According to the Law on Fire Protection of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina the obligation of all employees is to pass the theoretical and then practical fire protection training. This legal obligation which, as well as others, is respected in our company is done by every two years and is mandatory for all employees up to 60, or when it comes to women up to 55 years of age - said Edisa Šahat, chief fire engineer in GIKIL.

Education consists of a theoretical part and a practical exercise that teaches the basics of using fire extinguishers.

- Employees are first introduced to the normative regulation, the type of flammable and explosive substances, the burning process, fire detection procedures, extinguishing methods, and fire extinguishers. After that, they had to do a test that consists of 27 questions. It is considered that the employee is passed the test if he answered correctly two thirds of the questions, or at least 18 correct answers after which they are evaluated with the grade "satisfy" - said Šahat.

After successfully completing the education each GIKIL employee is considered to be able to respond appropriately in case of need and, as they have pointed out, these trainings provide them with an extra sense of security in the workplace.