27/07/2017 14:43:00

The first phase of the project Optimization of wet quenching of coke has been successfully completed in the Coke Plant. It is a project which was realized through Six Sigma methodology, which has been successfully implemented for years in Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac.

Speaking about the significant progress, which is hereby made in one of the most important production processes in the plant, Milorad Ilić, chief engineer for energy in Investment sector and leader of the project said that the achieved benefits are multiple.

- The process of quenching of coke affects many other factors in production, so each successfully completed project is commendable. What is the most important here to emphasize is that with this project we contributed to reduced emissions of particulate matter in the air by placing the grid in the tower for coke quenching. So, in a certain way we reduced air pollution, and the best of it can be felt by the workers who perform their work close to the tower as well as residents of surrounding villages who had previously been exposed to it. Now it is all significantly reduced - said Ilić.

The project had also an economic value for the company, because the coke residue, which was previously wasted in air, is now used for sale as well in significant amounts.

- We have increased, therefore, the income of coke dust which was previously lost. Now it is accumulating and we remove it from the sedimentation tank, use it in further production processes and sell as a by-product, whose price is not negligible at all. The project has increased, therefore, its utilization and achieved significant economic benefits - added Ilić.

The project achieved certain savings, because instead of a complete reconstruction, which requires large financial allocations production process improved, reduced emissions of harmful substances, and on the other hand increased income. Application of Six Sigma methodology is hereby once again proved as extremely successful.

- The problem is detected, with the help of Six Sigma methodology, phase of analysis, we come to cause of problem. After the improvement has made Six Sigma has finished a measurement of improvements that are continuously monitored through made savings. However, the story does not end here. In addition, the next steps are proposed. It is suggested the second phase which will be realized when the financial flows permit it, and that means additional recovery and investment according to European standards - explained Lejla Hanić, mechanical engineer and project coordinator in Six Sigma sector.


The Six Sigma quality management system focuses on the customer. It is governed by data and facts, and it strives for perfection.

Six Sigma is also based on process approaches. A standard deviation is measured, which indicates an average deviation of the mean value. At 6 Sigma it is important to clearly concentrate on the achievement of measurable and quantitatively precise determinable positive financial effects.

Any decision made by an organization's management must be based on information that can be checked and verified, not on the assumptions.

Six Sigma is a business promotion based on finding and eliminating errors and cause of that errors or defects in business (processes) by addressing outgoing parameters which are critically important to the customer or user.

Six sigma is a strategic approach to all processes, products and companies.