JOINT PROJECTS OF COKE AND REMONT PLANT  Coke Crusher and Screening machine make great savings in GIKIL

26/07/2017 12:02:00

With the joint efforts of the workers and management of the Coke and Remont plant, with the support of the company's management, GIKIL has become richer in the last days for two new machines that have made a significant step forward in the production process.

These are the projects which make great savings in the company, because instead of the engagement of other companies, most of the work is done by our own machines now.

-Crushing and sieving of coke accounted for 80 percent of the work, which was previously carried out in GIKIL by third parties. By analyzing and evaluating of business, which we have done, we came to the conclusion that it was extremely costly, so that the benefits of realized project ideas are most reflected in the savings achieved in the company. On the other hand, we have had a recent situation that the contractor did not fulfill all the contractual obligations. We were forced to terminate the co-operation so we approached to these projects and here, we can proudly say that they have proved themselves as very successful - said Huso Jašarević, director of Coke plant.

Alongside the plant directors, who were on the top of the work teams, the greatest credit to the crusher project, and then the vibrating screener, belongs to the workers who made the machines in a record time.

-I have to admit that our people really proved themselves as excellent employees. Within three days a crusher was made, after which in front of the workers a new task was set up - to screen about 3000 tons of the coke residues granulated over 30 mm. I initiated the project of single-stage sieve with tubes and a vibrator whose design, and then montage and installation, lasted for only five days - added Jašarević.

His opinion is shared by Asmir Burgić, the director of the Remont plant, who says that from the idea to its realization a key moment was the teamwork of all the employees involved in the projects.