25/05/2017 13:24:00

The high quality is the biggest advantage of Lukavac CAN and it was confirmed at the 84th International Agricultural Fair held in Novi Sad. The recognition this time came from a number of farmers from all over the region who, during the seven-day activities, visited the stand of Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac and in a direct conversations with agro-experts of our company shared experiences on the benefits of using this fertilizer.

-We can proudly point out that the interest for our product is increasing with each year. Farmers willingly approache us with the desire to obtain useful information on the use of fertilizers in the best possible way. Our wish is to provide help to our users, customers of CAN in order to reach the best possible results in production, as well as better yields and profits. With this practice, we create a direct relationship with our customers, we have a loyal and regular customers, but also satisfied consumers of our products - said Darko Vasić, a graduated engineer of agronomy.

The multiple advantages of using Lukavac CAN were also presented to farmers by PhD Goran Perković, university professor and senior associate and consultant in Global Ispat Koksna Industrija Lukavac. Recalling that in BH and regional market recently has come fertilizers with very problematic content of active substances, through development of control authority and the increase in competition, the producers themselves started taking care of the quality of fertilizers which they use, where the great advantage was given to Lukavac CAN.

-CAN always contains 27 percent of active substance of nitrogen. Compared to other fertilizers, what we proudly point out, as a carrier of the active substances CAN uses limestone from Lukavac, which has more favourable characteristics for the land and the first and the most important is that the limestone reduces soil acidity - Perković said.

Bosnian land, as well as Croatian and Serbian, he explained, are dominantly acid soils which are, in long-term thinking, infertile.

-The nutritients that exist in this land due to acidity are unavailable to the plant. The plant cannot adopt them but using Lukavac CAN it leads to the stabilization of the pH value and the plant can adopt all the nutrients in undisturbed way. This leads to higher yields, stable production, harmonious growth and development which is mostly reflected in the producers' satisfaction when they see the result, and the result is the higher yield, as well as the quality of their final products which is the most important - said Perković.

CAN from Lukavac contains limestone, calcium, magnesium, and the guaranteed quantity of active substance and due to CAN, without reserve, possesses the title of universal fertilizer suitable for each type of soil and each culture.

-In relation to other fertilizers, Lukavac CAN does not lead to the depressive effects which are reflected in the fact that plants have extended vegetation, but you have completely normal length of vegetation in all crops. Thus does not lead either to the increase in water content in the products, which causes problems with drying during entering in the autumn-winter period, which leads to complications in production and new unnecessary costs, which burden farmers. I responsibly claim that any expert or manufacturer cannot find a culture where CAN does not fulfill its task, and that means regular, continuous and quality food plants during the growing season - said to the farmers Professor Perković.

Performance at Novi Sad Fair was preceeded by record sales of CAN in the host country of the fair, which once again justified GIKIL's epithet as one of the biggest exporters in BiH. In addition to significant business results this year for Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac is very significant because the company celebrates the jubilee, 55 years of Fertilizer plant.

-This is the first Azotara, as previously known, which was built in the region of former Yugoslavia and this is very important to note because also in this way we show to the customers, the users of our products, that we maintain continuity in the quality of production based on the rich tradition. A satisfied customer is our guiding principle. As opposed to most companies, we have a practice to invite all large farmers in our plant, in order to show them our production process, the process of packaging, laboratory analyzes which we do 24 hours, and all this to break any prejudices and convince them in full control processes as per the highest standards prescribed - said on this occasion Moamer Vejzović, Technical Director of the Fertilizer plant.

After record sales in recent months, the goal is that untill the end of the year the season successfully comes to the end, without a single complaint, and with much more positive responses in order to achive customers' satisfaction and retention of their long-term confidence.

Lukavac CAN as recognizable and one hundred percent domestic product finds its place successfully on the Bosnian-Herzegovinian market, about 30 percent, while 70 percent of the production is going to foreign markets. CAN is exported to Hungary, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Macedonia and Monte Negro.