25/05/2017 10:12:00

Several hundred young people and those with valuable work experience as well, visited the stand of Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac at job fair held in Tuzla in order to inform themselves about the possibilities of employment in our company.

Significant and continued need for the engagement of the workforce in one of the largest companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and expressed wish to build a career in the promising business environment, were more than enough reasons that GIKIL, among 50 other employers, soon becomes one of the most wanted company names at the fair.

Emphasizing the importance of good communication with employment offices for the purpose of quality and fast finding of workers and filling vacancies as in GIKIL is everyday practice, Emina Rehić, Head of Sector of Human Resources indicated the importance of the need to promote this cooperation.

-Global Ispat Koksna Industrija offers great opportunities. In addition to the open programs for professional education of young people which we provide a great deal of attention, and a large number of public announcements which are published in the media, we cooperate a lot  closely with municipal and city employment services. So far, the best cooperation we have had with the Bureau of Lukavac, and this was a unique opportunity to talk with other employers, but also representatives of other bureaus, such as Tuzla and Gracanica, to come to common solutions so that the unemployed person can easily and quickly find a job, especially in large company such as GIKIL - said Rehić.

The fact that GIKIL is important employer was confirmed by the organizers of the fair as well, representatives of the Employment Service of Tuzla Canton.

-It's very important that employers use our service as a unique service for providing assistance in employment and hiring of people. Through the conversations during the fair, we have found out what are the major difficulties that municipal bureaus must remove, so that any unemployed person who is in our bases would not miss a chance that is offered, especially in big business circles as Koksara Lukavac. We see that the interest of the people is great and we are pleased that this cooperation is much better every day - said Miralem Softic, head of Sector for mediation in employment and social security to the unemployed.

Positively surprised by the great interest that young people, but also older ones show to start or continue their careers in our company, argues that GIKIL is respected economic entity and an extremely attractive employer. The fair was a unique opportunity that GIKIL as a socially-responsible company  draw attention to the significant social problems.

-Considering our cooparation whith employment services, we took participation in this fair to show our readiness to contribute to soothing this large problem of our society. We presented what the company offers to potential workers, and on the other hand, we listened to their wishes, interests and competencies. We are aware of the mismatch between education and market needs, lack of competencies and experience with available resource due to major outflow of experienced manpower to other Europen countries which represents a huge problem for us as well, considering our specific industry. We are proud to say that our company provides to employees free professional education and training in the workplace, whether it is a foreign language or training to work on the machines. With great business results, which we achieve every day, as one of the largest exporters in the country, we choose our resources carefully and every new contract of employment which is concluded in Global Ispat Koksna Industrija Lukavac is big success - said to media Irina Dugonjić, Director of Human Resources and administration.

Job Fair was held in the Sport and a business center Mejdan, on May 19 and it was organized by the Employment Services of Tuzla Canton, with the support of the Federal Employment Service and the Youth Employment Project - YEP. Through their presence, the fair was supported by representatives of the Government of Tuzla Canton.