04/05/2017 14:19:00

On the occasion of April 28, World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we talked with the workers of Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac, people who are at the forefront when it is most needed.

At the first sound of fire alarms and alerts about the accident, seemingly ordinary people become the bravest among us, replacing fear with courage, panic with determination using their superhuman power they have only one goal, to save human lives, facilities, assets, all that is most valuable.

Just like that are the members of the Fire Brigade, Rescue Unit and Safety Engineers, as well as First Aid Service, heroes in the Health and Safety Department in “Global Ispat Koksna Industrija” Lukavac. Modest as they are, without redundant words or boasting, these people carry the biggest responsibility on their shoulders. Exactly because of that, they are role models, and their jobs are often the part of their boy’s dreams; they are the workers whose hearts are shaped with courage and humanity every day for 24 hours while they take care for the safety of 1,000 other workers, and even the citizens of Lukavac, when necessary. They were on the front line during extinguishing a huge fire in the Bingo shopping-centre, as well as while rescuing the plants from fatal floods.

-Our job is such that people are the happiest when we have the least job – is the initial sentence of Nedim Alić, Commander of the Fire brigade department, comprising 30 outstanding professionals.

As a young fire fighter from Miričina near Gračanica, and afterwards experienced commander, he says that this is an extremely responsible job he has been doing for a long time, but that he would again choose the same uniform.

-I have been working at this work post for 33 years and I have never regretted choosing this call, because it's nice to be a fire fighter, to rescue someone’s life and property, someone's job and know that you are the one who brings a sense of security to others. In GIKIL we have a well organised safety structure, so I can proudly say that we are very satisfied with the safety aspect in our company - says Alić.

He never thinks about fear, he says, although at the first sound of sirens he put someone else's life above everything, even above his own life.

-When we come to the intervention, no matter how dangerous it seems, we are only thinking about how to help and save what it's needed. Only when everything is over, when we begin to recount events, we become aware of the danger in which we could have been, but I'll never regret – he said, adding that after that with even greater pride he takes his work uniform on the next day and bravely marches into the new victories.

How one feels while helping others is very well known to the members of Rescue Unit in the Department for Preventive Protection comprising 34 volunteers, mostly young workers, but not less brave or hard-working. There are few older workers about whom we say as “still being in charge“. Performing their regular tasks to which they are assigned, they leave everything when it's necessary and as volunteers under the highest protection equipment and insulation devices they carry out high-risk jobs in areas of potential risk of fire, explosion or toxic substances. They are also accompanied by their colleagues, fire fighters, and medical team comprising four medical technicians employed in GIKIL, and doctor and medical technician the Health Centre Lukavac. Together they look after injured and sick workers, and take care of the general health of all other workers.

Besides saying that they work voluntarily from the heart, they do not like to talk about themselves, members of the voluntary unit they treat with respect and gladly talk about them. Emphasizing that they all passed the most demanding professional training after which they received the certificates of authorized institutions, Ramo Čajić, Head of Safety and Health Department says that this is a working team that he would never change.

-We are all like family, and it means a lot, because this is a job where we depend on one another, where our life is often in the hands of a colleague next to us - he says proudly and adds that "I cannot" are the words which are never heard here, even when they have to stay at work on a day off or an extra shift because there are no breaks during troubles.

In addition to regular training and testing professionals, special attention in Global Ispat Koksna Industrija is devoted to the education and practical training of workers.

- The legal obligation is, before the assignment of people at the workplace, to practically train them to work independently. After testing, they all go through practical training where they learn how to use a fire extinguisher, but also how to act and inform about possible trouble. Fire protection is actually done continuously every two years, and we educate all men younger than 60 and all women younger than 55 years. Training of workers is happening just now, while at the same time we supervise and implement safety measures in plants according the plan every month - explains Čajić.

Proudly pointing out that GIKIL is a rare company in the region which has its own fire brigade, ambulance, but also the central office that actively works 24 hours which reacts readily within a few minutes to any potential danger; the heroes of our story convey that workers and citizens can feel protected and safe.