18/04/2017 14:22:00

“Global Ispat Koksna Industrija” d.o.o Lukavac is one of the few companies that educate its employees in the workplace.

Within its own premises GIKIL has a fully equipped training hall where internal trainers spread technical and other practical knowledge to other employees. On the other hand, attention is also paid to education of internal trainers themselves and increasing their number in order to share their knowledge at the best possible ways.

Continuous enhancements are provided by education and trainings of a wide range, from foreign language courses, computer courses, multi-skilling, attending seminars, including also Japanese methodology trainings of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) as well as the world-renowned Six sigma training, thus the prerequisites for rapid career progression can be achieved.

Knowledge of English is an important prerequisite for employment of candidates in GIKIL, but in this way it also offers a chance for continuous improvement and upgrade of existing knowledge. Professionally trained persons, professors of English language and literature Dženana Brkić and Amela Zonić, and Semir Softić, leader of E & T (Education and Training) pillar help workers. All of them agree in one thing, many larger companies can envy GIKIL in this training practice.

-This kind of training is extremely beneficial but also efficient, because employees have the opportunity to improve their knowledge together with their colleagues. It is important to take the opportunity that is provided, but also to have good trainers who will be able to recognize what is needed most to students and to know how to share that knowledge adequately. On the other hand, the success of the professor is reflected in how students apply their knowledge, we see it in this company every day and we are proud of it - said Dženana.

In Global Ispat Koksna Industrija all the employees with higher education and university degree, as well as all functional managers and TPM coordinators should be able to use English. Besides voluntarily registered employees it is mandatory that all duty translators regularly attend trainings.

-Foreign language in our company is necessary for meeting the requirements of the workplace, so that both old and new employees can successfully face daily business challenges using professional literature and magazines published in English, as well as other innovations and methodologies successfully introduced and implemented in our company - said Semir.

The effort of employees who despite their daily duties find time for new knowledge is highly appreciated, says Amela Zonic, one of the educators, and adds that she was particularly pleased with enthusiasm of beginners who did not have the opportunity to study English before.

-They realised that acquiring language does not have to be painful nor it has to be learned by heart. She adds that through comparisons and differences it can be easily mastered, and with „small language formulas“ one can learn how the word lives and sentence breathes. The students began to recognize the words of songs they listened to in their youth, some were proud of hearing the word they have just learned in a movie, and for me as a trainer the greatest recognition is when I see the message in their eyes: "Now I understand" - Amela told.

This positively evaluated practice in GIKIL was also organized with great success in previous years for various levels, from beginners to advanced, while the training is currently organised in two levels.

It is the Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate courses held twice a week for each level. Inter-active lectures by Cutting Edge methodology were preceded by a written pre-test for candidates to determine their current level of English. Upon completion of the courses, all candidates will be re-tested for summarizing their knowledge, and issued the appropriate certificates.