18/04/2017 10:01:00

Continuing with the positive practice of supporting education and the acquisition of practical knowledge, Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac opened its doors to students of the Secondary electro-technical school by allowing them a visit and tour of the AMK plant.

Their hosts of visit were Elnedin Omerdić, director of the plant and Ermin Mujkic, technical director and other employees who have willingly answered to questions from students from the profession and shareed with them their experiences.

The students were thrilled and showed great interest in excellent systems of work, production and ways of monitoring the production process in GIKIL. This was a unique opportunity that certain things they have learned in theory substantiate through practical knowledge, said Rijad Smajlović, one of the students, and added that this visit is extremely useful for all because this was the first time they can acquire a feeling how their future business and occupation will look like.

-We were more introduced with devices that perform automation of the production process and it will help us a lot in future learning and aplication of acquired knowledge in order to be ready tomorrow to do our jobs. Many of us until now did not know what all the products in GIKIL are and which systems are monitored and how production is realized, so we cannot wait to come back - said Rijad.

Praising the excellent organization of the students' visit Asif Dedić, professor of electro-technical group of subjects said that the open access of GIKIL to young people is practice which should foster others as well.

-Experience that students have gained is very commendable, the visit was successful and we thank to Global Ispat Koksna Industrija on this. Children had the opportunity to, as a future computer technicians, be introduced to the production process in the plant, to see equipment in live, transmitters, measurement converters, to see the process of governance, what is analog and digital signal, and how it all looks like in a real form. I think that we need to have more such visits and educate the students through practical training, because their fathers and grandfathers work here, and many of them will work here tomorrow or at a similar position and build their future and become productive members of our society - said Dedić.

The students of other departments of this school visited company's operation earlier as well. As a socially-responsible company GIKIL will continue with this practice, extending cooperation with other education institutions in Tuzla Canton, and the plan is to restore cooperation agreement with the University of Tuzla.