11/04/2017 14:48:00

Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac is on the top of the list the biggest exporters in Tuzla Canton, taking high sixth place on the list of biggest exporters in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well, having realized an export value of about 156 million BAM last year.

GIKIL contributes on an average 1 percent in the total gross domestic product and about 2,5 percent of  Bosnia and Herzegovina's annual export earnings.

Apart from producing high quality coke after which GIKIL is recognized as the leading producer in the region and coke by-product as crude benzene, crude tar and ammonium sulphate,  the company also supplies the industry in Europe with anhydride maleic acid and mineral fertilizers such as well known CAN (Calcium Ammonium Nitrate). In GIKIL is very succesful the Power Plant too, which apart from meeting its internal demand, supplies the State grid and produces and distributes decarbonised, demineralised and potable water for the needs of GIKIL and the citizens of Lukavac Municipality.

In this way, through its well-known products, GIKIL is significantly involved in domestic BH, as well as on regional and international markets, which is confirmed by long-term cooperations with customers and suppliers from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Kosovo and Hungary, as well as Italy, Poland, Turkey, the Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria, Malta, Czech Republic, Germany and the US.

Over the past 13 years of successful work, GIKIL had over 2.8 billion BAM in turnover and about 299 million BAM through salaries and taxes.

Taking great care of its workers as a driving force, GIKIL proudly points out that in this company directly about 1,000 workers are employed, without neglecting the fact that the company contributes to indirect employment of several thousand people as well.

Furthermore, what we consider as our great success is the fact that the salaries of our workers are to 20 percent higher in relation to avarage salaries in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, not including remuneration for hot meal. In addition, it is important to be noted that the revenues of our workers over the past years were increased three times, what provides additional security for our workers.

When it comes to investments, the company Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac through different projects has made investments in the amount of 107 million BAM. It is important to be noted that we contribute to about 20 percent by volume of the turnover of the Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All this gives us extra incentive to do even better and even more, developing thereby the economy of Tuzla Canton, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, creating a safe environment for investment and new jobs.