10/04/2017 14:19:00

Record production of AMK was followed by record sales.

By production of more than 10,000 tons maleic acid, the youngest plant in “Global Ispat Koksna Industrija d.o.o. Lukavac, AMK plant achieved its record production in the last year.

The achieved success, as Elnedin Omerdić director of the plant points out, is a result of not only lasting efforts but also smart investments.  

-Replacement of catalyst in production system, preceded by other improvements in technological process was a crucial milestone resulting in more than 10,000 tons of AMK exported to international markets. This was achieved by maximum capacity utilization of the plant by the same consumption of the raw material N-butane, whose success and financial viability was proven through Six sigma project successfully implemented in GIKIL – clarified Omerdić.

Teamwork is the key to success

Achievement of this huge success in production in this plant, besides investment, said Omerdić is a result of team work of all plant employees including good cooperation with the management of GIKIL and support from other plants.

-The most important is to have capable people in the team. Without workers from maintenance or process workers included in all activities, without exception, there would be no results that we are proud of. By team work difficulties in technical maintenance of the plant were brought to minimum without significant problems in production thanks to applying TPM methodology. We were also supported by the rest of the company – said Omerdić.

By consistent application of TPM methodology and achievement of successful business parameters PQCDSM – productivity, quality, cost, deliver, safety and moral contributed in achievement of these results. TPM methodology is: Total involvement of all employees at all levels in the whole organisation. Productive maintenance during production, efficient and effective usage of all resources and Maintenance of man-machine-material system in optimum working condition. All of the above was achieved in AMK plant.

Also Ermin Mujkić, technical director of the plant shares Omerdić’s opinion pointing out that after removing all failures in the system, crucial for reaching the goal were endeavours of other departments in GIKIL.

-We must not forget the efforts of the procurement or commercial department who responsibly do their jobs. In order to reach this goal team work is required as we depend on each other and with good cooperation the success is guaranteed – said Mujkić. 

Quality biggest adventage

Record production of AMK was followed by record sales. It was decided to be more courageous at the competitive market and instead of its contract basis GIKIL became spot seller fighting for all buyers separately with new market prices each month. This transformation has not happened overnight and lasted since 2012. The risk was enormous, said Senad Škripić, deputy director for sale of CAN and AMK, but when you have a top quality product it is easier to get the buyers.  

-With this kind of business policy positive financial results were achieved in AMK plant as a result of record production, i.e. the biggest production ever recorded – explained Škripić.

The fact that GIKIL’s AMK is a top quality product is confirmed by data that it is exported to 16 countries worldwide.

-We are particularly proud of selling our product even in Russia and Iran, while among European countries we are mostly present in Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and lately also in Serbia. Last year the most active market was traditionally Italy while Turkey’s market had been active also before – said Škripić.

GIKIL’s product is giving the pride of place among competing products from other European countries, primarily because of its quality.

-The very fact that it is sold to the European Union countries to the very demanding markets as Italy and Germany speaks for itself. In addition, the increased demand for the product compared to the plant’s capacity is another proof about the good quality of our product. During this period there were no complaints about the product quality, which additionally encourages us to continue the good work – said Škripić.

The prospect for a successful continuation of business

AMK plant is a sister plant with other plants in Global Ispat Koksna Industrija Lukavac. As the only plant of this type in the former Yugoslavia, which is 100% export-oriented, it has huge development perspectives. The achieved boom in the year of huge crisis in industry was not unnoticed and the positive result was directed as support to operations of other plants in GIKIL.

Continuation of good business is also expected in 2017 and a certain realization of good production result which gives GIKIL right to think about additional investments also in this plant.

-We are planning new investments. Having in mind encouraging results in the last years, investments in this plant are of utter importance as by increase of capacity our financial results would improve. Considering a great work, the fact that we have created a recognizable product and the huge demand for the product, new investments for capacity expansion would definitely be useful - concluded Škripić.