09/03/2017 19:52:00

Edina Kovacevic, 42 years old engineer of technology spends most of her working time wearing a work coat and a helmet, side by side with a number of co-workers.

Now as a Manager of WU Coal preparation in “Global Ispat Koksna Industrija” d.o.o. Lukavac, where she has been working for almost 10 years, holding a few responsible positions, she has been an example of a strong and determined woman whose managerial abilities in the "men's jobs", as many people tend to say, have never constituted an obstacle, but a challenge that she successfully deals with.


- Being a woman in this kind of work is a challenge. The challenge itself is the very process of coal preparation, which is not easy, because at the end main product depends upon our team – she says, explaining that every day in three shifts they prepare thousands of tons of coal blends. 

Her job and the job of her colleagues, she adds, starts from the moment of coal arrival to GIKIL, through quality testing, all the way to production of coke which is finally ready for the customer and for export. Information that more than 308,000 tons of coal was processed through this coke production unit in the last year talks about the kind of responsibility this is, she explains, and this is what makes GIKIL one of the greatest exporters in BH.


-My responsibility is vast, but when you show your abilities, a good result cannot fail. Maybe I was lucky to start working in a company like GIKIL, where, from the beginning, I was very well received. The truth is that I was struggling a lot and I learned from others, but it is all worth it in the end – she says, noting that the chances for all are the same, and that she seized the opportunity with both hands.


Edina adds that she could not work successfully without the support of her team, which she is especially proud of, pointing out that it is important to constantly have in mind how much every person matters. 

- Many people ask me how I manage all of this, how I make workers listen to me. I tell them that first of all, I listen to them. The truth is that sometimes you have to be an educator and psychologist and with each of them you have to build a relationship of mutual respect. It is not a secret that we live in a time in which, "the Bosnian mentality"(as I like to call it), still exists. It is still sometimes difficult for men in this country to accept that there are situations where an order has to be received from a woman, but much of it is up to us women ourselves - she says.


The main manager Mirsad Mehinović, has nothing to say but praise for his colleague and the supervisor. He says that honesty and trust are most important.


- You have to discard prejudices immediately and do your job. I have known Edina for a long time and it would be dishonest of me to say I am not happy with the relationship of people in our plant, and the credit goes to  Edina – Mirsad proudly says.


In “Global Ispat Koksna Industrija” d.o.o. Lukavac difficult and responsible work is done by more than a hundred women every day. These women are mothers, sisters and wives, but also respected workers, bosses, managers and directors. All of them agree on one thing: the family and work are both important. But with the support on both sides, nothing is unattainable. There is time for everything.